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The following post is a review of a product from FitMark Bags. I was not asked to do this review nor was I compensated to do the review. I am providing the review independently. All comments are my own. 

I am an ambassador for FitMark Bags. What does that mean? Basically, I help spread the word about the company’s products and receive a discount as a thank you. I received my first purchase recently. I decided to go with what is called the box. I try to keep the cost down on my gym bill by making my own post work out snacks. The box is perfect for my need! Check it out:

photo-14Isn’t it adorable? Of course I had to pick out the super girly color. The box comes with everything that you see in the above picture: two bpa free containers, two ice packs and a shaker bottle. It has a nice handle and a shoulder strap. On one side of the bag, there is a stretchy pocket. Another pocket is located in the front of the bag. It is perfect for holding keys, cell phone or your gym card.

photo-13The shaker bottle is great! It has two seal tight compartments. You can put your protein powder in one compartment and your vitamins in the other compartment. I am terrible at taking my vitamins so I am hoping this bottle keeps me a bit more accountable! As I was using the bottle for the first time, I was in my gym locker room. I remember thinking, “Great, I am going to spill powder all over the place” because I am that graceful. Nope! The compartment that holds your powder fits neatly in the bottle- no mess! Genius!

photo-12Here is my new bag, all set to go to the gym! She fits nicely on my passenger seat. I resisted fastening the seat belt around her. Just kidding- slightly. What have I got in there? I have my shaker bottle, complete with protein powder and vitamins. I am obsessed with blood oranges this winter. I like to have fruit after my work out to replenish some sugar that I just burned. My post work out snack this particular day was one of my favorites. I mix tuna with half of an avocado and chopped veggies. It is SO delicious. I will add that recipe to the blog soon. Notice how I have the lid propped up in the picture? I am showing you that they added a little pocket where you can keep your utensils- so convenient. This bag is perfect for me and my gym snacks. However, I think it would also work great at work, on long car rides or trips to the park or zoo.

I was also recently approved to start an affiliate program with FitMark! What that means for you is you can purchase bags at a discount! Details will be on the blog soon! I absolutely love this bag! Be sure to check out FitMark!




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