Snacking for Success

Today we have a guest post from Kelly at  I am a regular reader of Kelly’s blog and she is always posting amazing recipes! I asked her to share some of her favorite pre and post-workout recipes with you today.  Enjoy! I am going to go make a snack…


Hi, I’m Kelly of I’m a fan of chocolate, peanut butter and beer, but realized a few years ago that I needed to balance all my favorite bites with physical activity. I took up running, and eventually set my goal on finishing an Ironman triathlon. This requires a lot of coordination and many days of doubles, meaning I may start my morning with an interval run and end with a weightlifting session. It’s a time-consuming process, but I have my eye on the prize: crossing the finish line of Ironman Wisconsin the fall to hear “Kelly, you are an Ironman!”

While my activity has picked up, my love of food hasn’t lagged. I haven’t stopped baking or tinkering with my favorite dessert recipes. But I have gotten smarter about my snacks to fuel my training sessions without feeling hungry. Food is a huge part of how I feel, whether it’s at the office or on the road. I perform the best when I consume a light meal or protein-heavy snack two hours before a training session. Here are a few of my favorite bites.

Microwave Chocolate Protein Cake: So easy and so filling! This makes a large protein-packed cupcake that will keep you full and fueled.

protein cake

Banana Protein Muffin: These bite-sized muffins are perfect to grab and run. Add a dab of peanut butter for my favorite treat combination.


Homemade protein bar: Not only are these tastier than a store-bought version, they’re also loads cheaper. I love snacking on these on my bike rides, too.

protein bar

Peanut Butter PB2 Shake: This is so satisfying after a tough training session!


No-Bake Black Bean Energy Bars: A great treat that goes down easy. I’ll snack on these in the afternoon or use them to refuel after a challenging session at the gym.


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