No excuses!

I have gone through phases of working out and then not working out at all. When I decided to ditch my baby weight, I joined LifeTime Fitness in 2010. As a new member, I was the excuse girl. If you exercise, you know exactly what I am talking about. Excuse girl comes up with any excuse to not work out. My children were young at the time (ages 2 and 4) so I used them as an excuse constantly. For example, “The kids kept me up last night so I couldn’t possibly have the energy to go to the gym today.” Actually, my kids were a huge reason why I rarely ever went to the gym. I was not ready to leave them in the child center while I worked out. Yes, I am the over-protective mother. So if no one was able to watch my kids, I didn’t go to the gym. I eventually started bringing them (and they LOVED the child center) but excuse girl was still present. If I could find one remotely good reason to not work out, I used it.

Now excuse girl is no longer welcome in my head. If I didn’t sleep well the previous night, I still go to the gym. Have the sniffles? Too bad, get up and go to the gym. Woke up with my period and am super crampy (Ladies, I KNOW you have used that excuse!), who cares? GET UP AND GO TO THE GYM!!!! Why do I not listen to excuse girl anymore? I ALWAYS feel better after I have gone to the gym and completed a work out. ALWAYS. Do you ever regret working out? No, you regret the times you skip a work out.

Ok, I will admit there are times you should not work out. Last summer I was really struggling. I felt terrible. My endurance was suffering. I finally went to the doctor after weeks of feeling bad and was diagnosed with walking pneumonia. Oops. If you are ever told by a doctor to not work out or are given certain restrictions, by all means, follow your doctor’s advice. No work out is worth hurting yourself. But if excuse girl is coming up with silly reasons to not work out, ignore her and get moving!

Currently, I am injured. I am a bad athlete and rarely ever stretch. As a result, I have bursitis in my hip and some other issue going on in my quad on the other leg. The leg with the bursitis also has a pinched nerve because some muscle is stuck. Lovely. My chiropractor knows I am not going to just sit around so he is working with me as I continue to work out. I do have restrictions and I am trying very hard to follow them. He is also taping my leg with Rock Tape. Basically, the rock tape supports my legs while I exercise. I could easily use my injury as an excuse to not work out but instead I did this today:

photo 1-2


photo 2-2

Sure, I may be injured but it didn’t stop me from pressing 95lbs over my head repeatedly this morning. It didn’t stop me from running a gym-wide treadmill 5k with my bootcamp class yesterday. I was only able to run at a slow pace and even had to walk for a couple minutes but I did it. I was tempted to stay home because I was frustrated with my restrictions. Instead, I ignored excuse girl and went to the gym. I was a good patient and obeyed my restrictions. Not once have I regretted ignoring excuse girl. If excuse girl is running your life, ditch her. She is no good for you. GET UP AND GO TO THE GYM! 




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