What We Wore Wednesday And An Announcement!

Today we did a fun circuit on the advanced training floor instead of working on the basketball court. We worked in pairs and did the following: rower machines, ski machines, squat presses with dumb bells, deadlifts and then something I thought was going to be very atrocious. We had a bosu under the pull up bar. We had to do a roll up (basically a sit up) on the bosu and as we stood up we had to JUMP up to the pull up bar and do a pull up. I should have had someone video me doing it! It was crazy! I am super short so I felt like I was jumping for my life. One of the girls in class is super tall so she just had to casually reach up to grab the pull up bar. NOT FAIR! I will get someone to video me demonstrating it soon and I will post it. I actually told my trainer that I hated him as he demonstrated that exercise but I took it back after I realized it was actually fun and not as hard as I expected it to be.

Has anyone seen that blog where the author slams the #fitfam group? I am not going to post a link because I do not want the post going viral anymore. Call me selfish- whatever. Honestly, I thought it was funny. If you haven’t read it, the author expresses her feelings about regular gym goers and their habits. One of them was gym selfies. Here is our response to that blogger:

IMG_0750Can’t get much more obnoxious than this picture as we pose on the TRX equipment! I think it is cute! I do not go to the gym to impress anyone so I really do not care what people think about me.

Check out the tank I am wearing and the shirt Stacy is wearing. We are the ones holding the TRX straps in a push up position. Our tops are made by SwirlGear. As we have mentioned, Stacy and I are ambassadors for SwirlGear. It is a company based out of Chicago that sells work out gear for women. Their main focus is running but you can use their products for anything! If you are in the Chicagoland area, come out to Glen Ellyn tomorrow evening. Stacy and I will be with SwirlGear at Run Today. SwirlGear will be featuring their new line along with the current products for sale. We will even be participating in a fashion show! It should be a lot of fun so if you can make it, here is the information you need:

1782274_433628343434626_482373450_oGrab a work out buddy and come out and meet us! While you are there, please check out SwirlGear’s line. I think you will love it!


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