Last week our trainer was not going to be at the gym on Friday. Instead of getting a sub for our boot camp class, he asked us to go to spin class. One of the ladies in our boot camp class is a female trainer at the gym. She is the instructor for the spin class we were asked to attend. I have actually taken her spin class. I used to be a spin class junkie.  Spin was one of the first classes I attended as a new member of LifeTime Fitness. The first time I tried it, I HATED it. It hurt my bootie. It hurt my legs. An hour seemed to go by very slowly. However, one of my gym buddies kept asking me to go to spin with her so I finally decided to give it another try. It kicked my butt. Hard. Spin class as a newbie makes you feel so very out of shape. As a regular attendee of the class, I could always tell who was new. The timid person that slinks into the back of the class and finishes with a look like he/she may pass out? Yep, you are a newbie.

I actually ended up loving spin class. After a while, the feeling of wanting to die fades away. ;) With anything you do on a regular basis, your endurance  strengthens. When I was training for my first half marathon, I used spin as my cross training activity. It is a great way to cross train for runners! You can build strength in your legs. If you work hard enough in class, you can easily reach your anaerobic threshold. If you participate in any competitive sport or activity, you know the importance of wanting to achieve your anaerobic threshold. If you do not, it is quite simple. Achieving your AT makes you a stronger athlete. Why would anyone want to achieve their AT, you may ask? Well, it does help you recover quicker! As your AT level gets higher, you can recover faster. Remember how I said the feeling of wanting to die in spin class eventually fades away?  The more you push yourself outside of your comfort zone, the better you will become at any given activity. And trust me, recovering quickly is a very good thing. Oh, and moms? Take a spin class. Do it. If you are trying to ditch the extra baby weight, give spin a chance. With running and spin class I was able to literally work off my bootie. :)

It had been a while since I have regularly attended spin class. Boot camp took over the Friday morning time slot for me. My kids activities quickly took over the Saturday time slot for me, as well. A girl from my boot camp class used to take spin with me. Neither of us had been for a while and Friday we were feeling it! We felt like those newbies again! At one point, I looked at the clock and only fifteen minutes had passed. REALLY?!?!?! I used to compare spin class to a pregnancy. You can break up class into the three pregnancy trimesters. The first trimester you are miserable- tired and wondering what the heck you got yourself into. The second trimester you are feeing pretty good. Ok, there may be some bumps in the road but still manageable. The third trimester you are over it and ready to be done! I was feeling that pregnancy trimester comparison on Friday. The first part of class went by painfully slow. Towards the middle of class, I was getting back into my spin frame of mind. I tend to be very competitive in spin class everything. In spin class, I feel like I am racing everyone. I want to be the one pushing herself the farthest. I want to be the one sprinting the fastest and climbing the hardest hill. Call me crazy. I will take it as a compliment. However, the last two “working” songs (right before we cooled down) were brutal. I had to dig deep. I was over it. I wanted off of the bike. I did not want to climb anymore hills. I wanted off the bike RIGHT NOW. It is in those times of wanting to quit that you need to dig deep and finish strong. Get good and angry and do not quit! 

Will I attend spin class again? I did realize that I do miss my old friend. TBall and baseball will be starting very soon for my kids but who knows, maybe I can squeeze in a Saturday morning class here or there. I could use a good ol’ fashioned race every now and then because if you are in spin class with me, yes we are racing.

Here we are after FINALLY finishing class. Just kidding, KG. Kinda.





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