What We Wore… Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday!

I normally post a fun picture from today’s work out but I have a collection of them for you today! I will start with Monday. Two of us (myself included) tend to be the trouble makers in our boot camp class. My partner in crime is Angie. I saw these fun tanks on Etsy and immediately knew Angie and I had to buy them!



Do not trust the man in the middle! He is evil! Kidding but he is evil when he makes us work out. Evil and effective- best kind of trainer! If you do not get the humor of these tanks, you need to watch the movie Mean Girls.

Last night was my weekly roller derby class with Derby Lite. One of the ladies in class is a graphic designer. Kelly is the one who designed the header we use for the blog. Neither Stacy nor myself are tech savvy so I am thankful to have talented friends. Check out the shirts Kelly made for some of us! They have our derby names on them and I love them all!

IMG_0810I love my tank so much that I wore again to the gym today! If any of you derby girls want your name on a shirt or decal, head on over to www.kkillustrated.com and let her know that Dee Day sent ya! Kelly does not only create graphics for derby girls so if you have a need for any graphic design, Kelly is your girl!

Ok, and here is our picture from today! We used weighted body bars and bosus for the entire class. We did a lot of squats, lunges, jumps, snatches, push ups and abs. I may or may not have gotten angry doing the ab work today. Why are v-sit ups so much harder with a measly 18 pounds in your hands? Ugh. Like I said, EVIL. Here we are demonstrating our overhead squats on top of the bosu.



Bootylicious by Destiny’s Child was blasting in spin class at one point. Call me biased but pretty sure they played that song for us. ;)



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