Veggie Tuna Salad Recipe

A while back I posted the following photo when I was reviewing my FitMark cooler.

photo-12In that post, I mentioned my tuna salad and that I would post the recipe soon. Here it is! I do not have the fancy recipe cards yet but this recipe is simple enough to follow along in narrative form. I use canned tuna but it you prefer to not used canned, go ahead and use the tuna you prefer. One can of tuna is five ounces. I do not like mayonnaise or Miracle Whip (yuck) so I use avocado instead. Add half of an avocado to your  tuna. If using the canned variety, remember to drain the tuna first. Mash the avocado around in your tuna. After that, add any chopped veggies that you may enjoy and have in your refrigerator! I like to add onion, peppers, broccoli and cauliflower. I just eye ball the amounts but add roughly a quarter to a half cup of each. I like my tuna salad packed with veggies so I tend to add a lot. If you do not like avocados and prefer mayo, only add enough to bind the tuna. Add too much mayo and it is not a healthy salad!

Sometimes people think they are doing themselves right by eating salad but with anything, you have to be aware of what is in the salad! Salad does NOT always equal healthy! Restaurant salads are the biggest offenders of unhealthy salads. If your salad is piled high with cheese and croutons, you are not doing yourself a favor. Dressings are another way to make a salad unhealthy. I love ranch more than anyone (ok, I do not love ranch more than my five year old) but ranch is not the best choice for dressing. Balsamic vinegar dressing is probably your best bet on a salad. Any milk based dressing is going to be your worst choice for a dressing. I often go without dressing on my salad. My mother in law never uses dressing. I used to think that was crazy but like her, I now enjoy tasting my salad and not just the dressing. If you need a little something on your salad, you can always try squeezing lemon or lime juice right on top.

Ok, back to my veggie tuna salad. Here is another photo. I often eat this salad as a post work out snack!

IMG_0469Try it and let me know if you like it!


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