Fitletic Review & GIVEAWAY!

**Please note: Fitletic provided me with a Neoprene Single Pouch (with race number holder) and a 6 oz. Hydration Add On to review.  However, the views and opinions expressed are purely my own.

It is very important to both Missy and myself to only “promote” things that we genuinely believe in.  While it is always fun to get “free stuff,” we don’t want to write about things just because we got them for free.  This would obviously not be of any service to you, our valued readers. Our goal is to share products with you that we would purchase ourselves.  When it comes to Fitletic, we both already own products from them that we really like so I was very excited to try out the Neoprene Single Pouch and review it for our readers!

My products arrived to me very promptly after I was told they would ship.  They arrived in a cute little carrying bag with a few bright headbands thrown in.

My Fitletic products arrives in this cute bag.

My Fitletic products arrives in this cute bag.


I received this belt the day before leaving for a road trip.  One stop on this road trip was the Lululemon Warehouse Sale.  If you happen to have ever been to one of these, you know that you have to have your hands free.  (You cannot be carrying a purse or it will be next to impossible to pile your arms full of the amazing good deals!) Almost as an after thought, I threw this into my suitcase.  I wore it to the sale underneath my clothing (minus the hydration bottle!) and it was virtually unnoticeable.  In fact, when it came time to check out I had a moment of panic trying to remember where I had put my money! I will definitely use this again if I have a need for a “purse free” situation.

The second time I wore my belt was on a bike ride.  My bike does not have any way of carrying extras.  We were planning to bike thirty miles so I wanted to pack my phone and a packet of Gu.  I snapped on the belt and it was the perfect hands-free solution.  I honestly forgot it was even there.  This belt is really comfortable!

Finally, I tested out the belt with the hydration add on for my ninety-minute run today.  This was the “true test” to me since running would have the greatest chance for bouncing on my waist.  When I have worn other belts in the past I have ended up with chafing.  I intentionally wore this out this morning without any sort of Aquaphor or Body Glide just to really put it to the test.  It passed with flying colors! After a minor early run adjustment (remember, it was the first time running with it!), this thing did not budge.  It was not a distraction at all during my run.

A few things I absolutely love about this (and all) Fitletic products:

1. They are water resistant.  I sweat.  Sometimes a LOT.  I can’t tell you how many times I have seen a seemingly cool product at race expos and asked if they are water resistant/proof only to be told “No, but you can put it in a plastic bag inside.” No thanks! As I side note, it was actually at a race expo where Missy and I first found Fitletics and purchased our Window Armbands.

2. The Hydration Add On bottles are dishwasher safe.  I hate washing my sports bottles in the sink.  You can often find a collection of them lined up next to my sink in the summer until either my husband or myself become “desperate” and have to wash them.  Even better, these bottles are BPA free.

3. They are comfortable.  Seriously, I cannot stress this enough.  They are fully adjustable from 24-55 inches, i.e. they will fit almost everyone.  When adjusted properly, this pocket does not move.

4. They are customizable.  You can purchase add ons and create your perfect belt.  Need more hydration?  You can purchase six or eight ounce bottles and add on to your heart’s content (I would guess at least four would fit comfortably.).   You can also choose from a wide array of colors so if you want to choose pink to deter your husband from “borrowing” your running accessories, go for it! (I am not admitting that I may have actually selected pink accessories for this reason…)  You can also add on a pouch with a window for your phone.  This would allow you to more easily control your music and free up the included pouch for other items.

The Hydration add on bottles easily slide right onto the belt wherever it is most comfortable to place them.

The Hydration add on bottles easily slide right onto the belt wherever it is most comfortable to place them.


I have tried several other “big” brands of race belts.  Without calling out names of competitors, the things I liked better about this belt were:

1. It was very durable.  The neoprene is thick and does not feel like it would easily rip or be damaged.

2. Because of the durability, it has more “form” to it than most.  This makes it easier to get things in and out of it.  It does not “roll” on your waist like many formless waist pouches.

3. The pouch is large.  You can fit a phone in there (including iPhone5 and Samsung Galaxy S4) without having to cram it in.  There was plenty of room to spare with my phone, Gu & Kleenex put in there for my morning run today.

This will definitely be my go-to accessory for all my runs this season whether training or racing!

And now for the best news of all.  Fitletic has generously agreed to give the same set-up they sent me to one of YOU!! You can gain entries in several ways:


These great items could be YOUR's!

These great items could be YOUR’S!

-       Comment on this post and tell us what you would use your Fitletic belt for.

-       Like Fit Femmes on Facebook

-       Like Fitletic on Facebook

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-       Do all of the above for FIVE entries!

If you are not the lucky winner, I highly recommend heading over to Fitletic to check out their gear and find your best running accessories for the season!

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This contest will run from April 11 through April 25th.  Winner will be randomly selected and will receive their prize directly from Fitletic. This prize is valued at $35.90.

25 thoughts on “Fitletic Review & GIVEAWAY!

  1. Thank you for your review of the Fitletic belt. I find the belts I currently own are not very comfortable because they do roll. Also, since I sweat a lot too… phone tend to have sweat all over it when I take it out after an activity. I would LOVE to win this giveaway! I can use this on my runs/walks. Also, it will come in handy during my current training program!!! My fingers are crossed! :)

  2. I have tried so many belts and I find that the belt part usually twists around eventually and makes for a very uncomfortable run. I usually carry a bottle with me during my workouts that holds my phone, but would love to find a belt that suits my needs and fits my phone….sounds like Fitletic would fit the bill. And, we get real sweaty here in the old swamplands of Washington DC :)

  3. I would love to use this while racing. I have a two bottle belt, but for a race, I don’t need to carry that much water with me. :)

  4. Nice review. Other brands really stretch out after a while and I love to know now that there is this brand. Need to get a new one and this was a great review!


    • The sale was in Minneapolis this year. They change US locations every year and I have been lucky enough to catch in in Chicago & then while we happened to be headed to MN anyway. :) It was good, but I didn’t think *as* good as Chicago two years ago. The deals didn’t start getting CRAZY good until the last day and we had to head home. :(

  5. This would be great for running! I currently run with a not so comfortable version of this and it bounces like crazy. I normally carry a citronella spray (that clips on), this is to keep stray dogs from myself and my running partner (Miles the dog). I would put my phone in the pouch, along with a spare key to my house, and a poo bag for my pup. The clip on bottle is a nice bonus.

  6. I run in some really isolated places and don’t like to carry alot of things, but having my phone with me is really important, so I would us this for all my training runs and races as well!

  7. I am absolutely horrible in practicing proper hydration – in large part because I find my water belt so very annoying and impossible to get comfortable. I would LOVE to try the Fitletic bottle! :)

  8. I like to go exercise on a set of toboggan stairs in the summer. Everyone leaves their water bottles all over to come back to and grab a drink. This belt and bottle holder attachment would be great to have my water handy!! Also I sign up for a bunch of outdoor events and having somewhere to keep my phone and keys would be nice!

  9. Thank you for the thorough review on the fitletic belt! my husband and I are both starting in walking program to get our exercise levels moving again and something like this to track it and help keep us motivated would be a great starting point! You are an inspiration to both of us with all your activities, keep up the good work!

  10. great review = sounds like a great product. I would like a belt that my iPhone5 fits in to without completely cramming it in there.

  11. Considering I do not own a fuel belt of any kind: this fitletic belt would be PERFECT for my first one! I have a marathon in May and October this year as well as the Ragnar Relay in September so I am going to be one busy gal and will need to hydrate! Also, the pouch would be awesome for my phone cosidering I snap pictures while I am on the race course to give my blog readers and insider look at marathon running! Thanks for this opportunity!

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