Cruise Control Part 2

IMG_0189Last week I introduced you to the idea of cruise control. If you did not read my post (click on the nifty little link I just provided for you!), here is a brief recap: I have gone on the New Kids On The Block cruise the past three years. Above is a picture of me and my cruise room mates from last year right before we got on the boat. Cruise control is the idea of making healthy choices to get swim suit ready for the cruise. Cruisers often use the hashtag of #cruisecontrol on Twitter and Facebook. This year’s cruise is at the beginning of June so a lot of cruisers are starting to think about cruise control. Some will wait until May to do a crash diet as a last minute ditch effort to lose the winter weight. I love my fellow cruisers and my boys but the whole idea of cruise control drives me bonkers.

If you are into fitness, you most likely have a goal. It might be to lose weight or maybe it is to lift a certain amount of weight. If you are a runner, your goals most likely focus on distance and pace. A lot of of my fellow cruisers use the cruise as their goal. Most are trying to lose weight. I have absolutely no problem with people setting goals for fitness. I also have no problem with people using the cruise as motivation to making better food choices and to work out. However, I have been around this block (New Kid pun!) once or twice. A lot of my fellow cruisers do not extend their goals beyond the cruise. Do I want to look good in front of my teen idols on that boat? Of course I do! You would be lying if you said you did not care about your appearance on the boat. But what about after the cruise? Will you continue your #livinghealthy (another popular hashtag used by New Kids fans) tweets and posts after you get off the boat? My answer is that I hope you do!

The problem I have with cruise control is that it seems to be the only motivation for some of the fans. After the cruise is over, the #cruisecontrol and #livinghealthy tweets disappear. Why? If looking and feeling good for those boys on the boat is your only motivation, I encourage you to extend that motivation beyond the boat. Why choose April or May to start exercising and making better food choices? Why not do those things all year? The same rings true for everyone. Are you going on vacation soon? And let’s not forget the summer is just around the corner despite that white crap I am looking at right now on my lawn. Usually about now is when we start to see the LOSE 10 POUNDS FAST!!!!! headlines on basically every magazine. Why wait until spring to get “bikini body ready”? Ever hear the phrase summer bodies are earned in the winter? It is true! You will be ahead of the game if you are exercising and eating right in the winter. Scratch that, you will be on top of your game if you exercise and eat right ALL YEAR. You will not be one of those people doing a crappy crash diet only to gain the weight back (and maybe add a few pounds!) after you start eating normally again. You will not be one of those people spending hours on end in the gym in the middle of May trying to ditch the winter weight. Instead, you will be that inspirational friend that encourages people to make healthy choices EVERY DAY.

IMG_0223And here is my favorite picture from last year: me with my roomies and one of the cruise perks. Ladies, go on the New Kids cruise if you were a fan. They have hot friends that are really sweet. ;) Right before this picture was taken, my cruise perk (his name is Billy Jeffrey for those that live under a rock), told me I looked absolutely shredded. To gym rats, being called shredded is the ultimate compliment. It is an acknowledgement that you have been working hard and it has finally paid off. I am not gonna lie, it felt really good to hear I looked shredded from Billy. Who doesn’t like being told they look good?! But once I stepped off of that boat, I continued to go to the gym and continued to eat healthy food. So what am I asking you to do here? Ditch the words cruise control and call it LIFE. Extend those goals beyond the boat.

To those going on the cruise, have fun! I am missing out this year and feeling the regret big time. Anyone have a friend selling her spot?! ;)




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