Wild Wednesdays

I feel the need to change the name of our Wedesnday posts. I usually title it as “what we wore” since my boot camp class tends to wear crazy colors on Wednesdays. I will continue to feature our fun work out clothes but want to extend the posts to include other aspects of our work outs- equipment we used for the day or extra gear such as lifting gloves, shoes, etc.

Today was rough! I am kicking myself for not wearing my heart rate monitor today. I am wondering how many calories I burned today because I could feel my heart rate in my higher zones for most of class. Wednesdays are held in our basketball court. Weights and cardio are used with the occasional body weight work out. We also use other equipment such as the bosu, sandbags, benches and whatever else our trainer decides to use for our torture. Today each of us had one dumbbell. Stacy and I were wondering who was going to have the heaviest weight along with a guy that comes to our class occasionally. I was the sucker that lucked out with the big girl weight today. I have not been given this particular weight yet in class so I was a wee bit apprehensive. Would you like a perfect example of why I prefer working out with a trainer? There is NO WAY I would pick up a 45lb dumbbell and sling it over my head repeatedly if I worked out by myself. Am I saying everyone should be able to snatch, row and press 45 pounds over their heads? Of course not. We all have unique ability levels. Some may think 45lbs is way too heavy for them to lift while others may think it sounds easy. That is the beauty of fitness- we are all different. My point is that I was challenged today in a way I never would have challenged myself on my own. The snatching and rowing were surprisingly okay with my heavier weight. I did drop down to 40lbs for a few reps on my weak arm. The last round involved single arm squat presses with the dumbbell. As soon as I saw that we would be pressing the weight (I HATE squat presses), I immediately said I am not pressing that weight. I rarely ever say no or I can’t do something in class. I got a little flack from my trainer. So of course I squat pressed my heavy weight. Why did I say no at first? Fear. But I am so glad I ignored that fear and pressed on- ha, see what I did there? ;) If you are looking to challenge yourself more in the gym, consider hiring a trainer!


Here we are after we finished today’s work out. Actually, I had to do a couple more squat presses after we took our picture. I tend to work a bit slower when the weight is heavier. There is always that feel of competition where you want to finish first but I have learned to give up that feeling when I have a heavier weight. As my body gets used to lifting a certain weight, I can challenge myself by pushing my speed. Check out Stacy’s sunny yellow shirt from Swirlgear. As we have mentioned before, Stacy and I are both ambassadors for Swirlgear. It is a great company based out of Chicago that specializes in women’s running gear. Stacy’s shirt is made of technical material so it is wicks away sweat. We had to do some suicide sprints today but as you can see, Swirlgear is not just for running! Ladies, check them out! Remember the smaller companies when buying your work out gear!

Ok, we have decided to try something new with our lovely readers. We want to start hearing from YOU! I challenge you to start leaving us some love in the comments section on here and/or on Facebook. My question for today is: what has challenged you recently in your work outs? Running a blog is way more fun when we hear from our readers! Start sharing!


4 thoughts on “Wild Wednesdays

    • What kind of work outs are you doing? Do you work out with a heart rate monitor? If you give me a little more info, I may be able to help you out! :)

  1. I am dealing with aches and pains. Nothing major just knee or ankle, but I am finding it difficult to work out through the pain, as I have a low pain tolerance. I am not sure if it just age related or carrying around those extra pounds that I need to lose. As you wrote about recently, excuses, excuses!!

    • I read a post recently about working through pain. There are 2 differences- the pain of “work” and then pain where something is wrong. It is important to know the difference between the two! Stacy and I have had our share of aches and pains. We are no spring chickens! ;) If it is a pain that something could be wrong, I suggest seeking medical attention. I am a frequent visitor of my chiropractor! If it is the pain of work, then yes you need to challenge yourself to push through it. Exercise can hurt sometimes! My muscles burn when I am lifting weight but I have learned to find my happy place and finish my sets. Learning to push through the pain of work is a gradual thing. Try pushing yourself a little bit more each time you exercise.

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