Not All Protein Is Created Equally- Arbonne Review

I was given a bag of the vanilla protein shake mix by an independent Arbonne consultant. I was not asked to provide a review. I am doing this review on my own will. All thoughts are my own. 

I think we can all agree that not all food is created equally. It is much better for you long term to fill your body with foods full of nutrients as opposed to processed junk. For example, a banana has roughly 100 calories. Which snack option is better for you? The banana or one of those 100 calorie snack packs? You have better answered the banana! I spend my days making these kinds of choices with food. I choose the healthier option over processed junk. Of course, I am still human! I give myself occasional junk food because I feel like life is too short! I love chips and queso and pizza WAY too much to give them up completely. I realized recently that I do not have the same mindset with my protein powder. I have been buying the Market Pantry protein powder at Target for one reason only- its cheap. My job as a mom pays in love, cuddles and tantrums so I tend to look for the best deal anytime I shop. When I do shop for food, I am mindful of the ingredients. I try to follow the rule that if you can’t pronounce the ingredient, you most likely should not buy the item. I recently looked at the ingredients label on my Target protein powder and guess what? It is filled with ingredients I can’t pronounce. Bummer. My step mom happens to be a consultant for Arbonne. I asked her if I could order a bag of the protein powder to try and she ended up giving me a bag for free! Yay!

Once I got my bag of the protein powder, I went straight for the ingredient label: all simple ingredients I can pronounce. Never once did I say “what the heck is that?!” while reading the label. If you do not know anything about Arbonne, it is a company that has organic and vegan ingredients. You can rest assured that each product is safe for your body. Arbonne has a variety of products: skin and hair care, baby care, make up and nutrition products.


Here is a picture of my first shake with the Arbonne protein: the Arbonne powder, ground flax, banana, 1/2 of an avocado, kale, almond milk and chia seeds. YUM. I tend to pack my shakes with a lot of ingredients so I can get a good amount of calories consumed easily. But I also make my shakes with minimal ingredients such as the Arbonne powder, almond milk, banana, chia seeds and something green (usually avocado, kale or spinach). The other day I added some chocolate peanut butter PB2 to my shake and OH MY GOODNESS I AM IN LOVE. It was so good that I wanted another shake right away! A side note on the chia seeds: add them after you have blended your shake. Give them a few minutes to puff up and then you can enjoy your shake.

So what do I think about the protein powder? I will be honest that it took me a few shakes before I was used to the taste. It has a heavier taste compared to the cheap powder from Target. I did not think the Arbonne powder tasted bad- it was just different. I like the fact that the protein is vegan based. I tend to only consume dairy once, maybe twice a week. My Target protein is whey based so I prefer Arbonne’s blend of protein (made from peas, cranberries and rice). And I think it goes without saying (but I will say it again anyways!) that I prefer Arbonne’s ingredients over Market Pantry’s ingredients. The Arbonne powder costs more but I would rather pay more money for a better quality product. Making better choices can sometimes cost more money but if you stop wasting money on the processed junk, you have more money to spend on quality products. Food for thought. ;)

How can you purchase Arbonne? You can, of course, shop online. If you do not have a consultant, check out Joan’s online store. If you know of a local consultant in your area, I highly suggest hosting an at home party with Arbonne. You can earn free products! Score! If you use protein powder, check your labels. Make sure you are using quality products. Do not sacrifice quality for cost.




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