Wild Wednesday & A Pity Party

Pity party, table for one…… Warning, I may feel sorry for myself in this post. You see, I have been side lined from ALL of my gym activities. Every. Single. One. It started a few weeks ago when I started having heel pain. Stacy posted yesterday about working through soreness. Well, I have been working through pain. I finally fessed up to my chiropractor. He worked on it last week and told me to continue my activities. I continued but this week there has been NO improvement in my heel. Sooooo, I have been put on another restriction- no impact on my feet so no running. Boo. To add to my fun, I got hit with a stomach virus on Saturday. It was thankfully mild so I was able to spend time with my family for part of the day on Easter Sunday. I had no appetite on Sunday but I forced myself to eat a little so I could work out with our boot camp class on Monday. Pretty early in the class, I pulled something. Actually, I thought I popped out a rib because it hurt to breathe. Turns out I pulled one of my muscles so now I have another restriction- absolutely no upper body work for 1-2 weeks. Are you kidding me? No running and no upper body work?!?!?!?! What is a little meat head supposed to do now???? I can do spin class or cardio machines. I really dislike the cardio machines but I will do them instead of doing nothing. So if you see a very crabby girl on some elliptical anytime soon, it is probably me. Keep a safe distance. ;)

I am really hoping my upper body restriction will only be one week. My muscle already feels a lot better. I was actually forced to stay home from the gym these past two days because the lovely stomach virus decided to come back yesterday! Who gets hit with a virus twice within a few days? Me and my dumb luck. I am somewhat glad I forced myself to stay home today to rest because I really did not want to be in spin class and watch my boot camp class work out on the basketball court. I will follow my restrictions but I am not gonna torture myself! Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy spin class but if I could pick weights over spin, I will pick weights! Stacy and I have said more than once that we rarely skip the gym. However, recovering from a stomach virus is one of those times where we realize rest is better than exercise. I hear I missed a really tough work out today! We do a lot of squat presses with weights but today our trainer made them do squat presses on top of the bosu (flipped upside down)! Add in the bosu factor and you have a completely different ball game! It takes a lot of balance to use the bosu- try any exercise on top of one and you will what I mean. A basic exercise becomes more difficult when you have to balance on top of a wobbly object.


Ok, I need to post one more picture! I want to give a shout out to one of the guys in our class, Brent. We ended Monday’s class with some deadlifts and Brent ripped out a few reps of a whopping 315 pounds! 315 pounds is a PR Brent has done previously to joining our class. He busted out 315 like it was no big deal. Brent, I think it is time for a new PR, my friend! Side note: you can’t see all of the plates stacked on either side of the bar but trust me, Brent is lifting 315 here. Nice!

photo.PNGI hope to be back to at least upper body work by the time I post again next week. If I am not, the pity party may continue! I really love lifting! Having weights taken away from me is like taking candy from a child! Don’t do it! But Stacy and I both realize there are times when we do have to take it easy. Stacy and I love the intense work outs but there is a time for everything. For now, it is time for me to rest so I can be back to my normal routine very soon!




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  1. Oh no! I’m sorry about all the restrictions. :( I hope you’re back pain free ASAP. I was stuck on the cardio machines while my tendonitis was at it’s worse and it was awful.


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