Five Things Friday (& Our Fitletic Winner!!)

Congratulations to Erica Angran! She is the lucky winner of our Fitletic prize pack.  Erica, check your email for instructions on getting your prize!

It has been a busy week for both Missy & myself so we haven’t blogged as much as we would have liked to.  I am (finally!!) feeling like I am regaining some of my endurance in the last couple weeks and have been loving being able to get back outside to run.  I thought I would throw together a quick “Five Things Friday” for my favorite running gear/stuff right now.  In no particular order:

1. My Fitletic belt.   This is essential gear for me when I head outside since I like to run with a phone.  On a side note, I already owned a Fitletic belt prior to getting the one to review.  (I told you we will only suggest products we really believe in!)  I got to wear my “new” belt a grand total of three times (for the review) before my husband “borrowed” it.  He has not run without it since either and wants to order some accessories for it.  It is a great running item!

2. My Swirlgear capped sleeve shirts.  I love a lot of their line, but if you see me out (or at the gym)  it is likely in a capped sleeve shirt like this one.  I own this in every color and I am anxiously awaiting the release of the new 2014 line due out the end of May.  Missy and I had the opportunity to see the new line in person a few weeks ago and it is amazing! We are especially excited to have several tank options as well as these super fun pants Missy is modeling.

Missy modeling some items from the new line!

Missy modeling some items from the new line!

3. My iPhone.  Okay, I know this isn’t running gear, but I have been using it for running lately.  I have been starting to ditch the Garmin at home and use a phone app to track my runs.  It’s one less piece of gear to worry about and I like to have my phone with me anyway.

4. Mission Sunscreen.  I hate putting on sunscreen before I run. I always put it on for other activities, but used to skimp before heading out for a run. I had convinced myself the sun wasn’t that strong early in the morning, I wouldn’t be out for that long, etc., etc.  (Insert excuse here).  However, a few summers of this left me with icky dark spots on my face.  Last summer I tried the Mission line of products and they are convenient and do not feel gross on your skin if you apply and sweat heavily.  I am now an avid sunscreen user.  (Better late than never?!)

5. My Icy Feet.  My foot has made great improvement since I started using this several weeks ago.  I can honestly say I ice 2-3 times per day (i.e. like I am “supposed” to) and it has helped tremendously.  If you suffer from plantar fasciitis (or any other ailment on the bottom of your feet) this is something you need to try! I am still having to work much harder than I would like at keeping my foot healthy enough to run another day, and Icy Feet has helped me tremendously.

Great look, isn't it? :)

Great look, isn’t it? :)


I will be headed out tomorrow for a weekly long run with all of these items involved at some point. :)

On a separate note, since we entered the “blogging community” we have had the opportunity to connect with some other great bloggers.  We want to start sharing some of them with you each Friday.

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Make sure to head on over to their pages and check them out.  Be sure to tell them we sent you! :)


What are some of your favorite running or workout accessories? Anything you can’t leave the house without? 


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