The Benefits of Using A Trainer

I posted last week that I am nursing some injuries that are preventing me from participating in our boot camp class. I am STILL on those restrictions. I am not a good patient. I am also NOT patient when it comes to waiting to be released from my restrictions. I can’t run and I can’t lift weights. I have been feeling pretty discouraged these past few days. Instead of running with my class on Monday, I had to sadly roam what little machines I was able to use without hurting my heel and back. I did not have a good work out. I went home and stress ate some chips. Twice. My trainer took pity on me and told me to come in the next day and we would find stuff for me to do. I was originally told I could not lift any weights but I could do pull ups and chin ups. My trainer incorporated some lifting exercises mimicking the chin up motion. I was using a weighted bar and then was able to graduate to an Olympic bar with a ten pound plate on each side. Sixty five pounds is pretty light for me in terms of lifting but I WAS ABLE TO LIFT!!!! I will take it! My back was never bothered by the way I was lifting. We switched the way I held the bar so it did not activate the muscle that is pulled. The lighter weight also did not stress my heel. I went home yesterday feeling a million times better and did not stress eat any chips. ;)

Yesterday is a perfect example of why I prefer working out with a trainer. He has the ability and knowledge to come up with creative ways to work around an injury. I may have eventually come up with other ideas to work around my restrictions out of desperation (ha!) but he is able to take a step back and reevaluate my abilities immediately. We both agreed at the beginning of the session that I would stop doing an exercise if I felt any weirdness in my pulled muscle. I never felt anything (thank goodness!) but I am confident he would be able to switch up an exercise on the spot if it was needed.

I tend to give my trainer a hard time in class almost daily. I figure it is only one small way I can repay him for the lovely torture work outs he gives us each time we come to class. We asked him recently if he would mind if his name was mentioned on our blog. You never know if people want to be publicly identified online. Anyways, he said it was fine so may we present our evil yet effective trainer, Ross.


I have actually posted this picture before on the blog. I am on the left with my fellow trouble maker on the right. Evil trainer is in the middle. I call him evil because he thinks of really nasty ways to make us feel and look fantastic. I am often telling Ross that I hate him during a work out. He knows by now that it is actually a compliment. I love to hate him and his works outs. Ross knows it is a good work out if I start mouthing off to him. Don’t judge- it is how I operate. Like the tank says, I often feel personally victimized by my trainer. I have posted the movie reference on our tanks before but can anyone guess what it is now?? Your coolness factor goes way up in my book if you know the movie. :) By the way, the tank is a joke! I may feel victimized DURING a work out but in actuality, I love it!

I like having Ross to push me during my work outs. I would NEVER come up with most of the stuff he makes us do in class. I feed off of his way of training. We will call it tough love. If have have ever worked out with Ross, you know tough love is a very nice way to describe his technique. But it is exactly what I need to get my work done. If you work out with a trainer, you need to find a person that you can connect with on some level. There are a couple trainers at our gym that are way too chipper for me. They are fantastic but I need someone to get in my face and tell me to get my job done. I don’t want someone to coddle me and say I am doing a good job if I haven’t earned it. I am, by no means, saying the chipper trainers are bad. I just don’t mesh with their personalities like I do with Ross. I am sure my class mates would say the same thing. You need to mesh with your trainer if you are going to pay for his/her services. Who wants to work out with a trainer if the two of you don’t get along? I would not pay for these classes if I did not enjoy them. Connecting with a trainer’s teaching technique is essential if you want to have any success in the gym.

Are you stuck in the same routine at the gym? Are you bored at the gym? If you are bored, your body is bored! People often hit plateaus in their fitness because they do the same thing every time they work out. I am a creature of habit. I totally understand wanting to do what is comfortable. But it is exactly what you should NOT do for your work outs! Your body gets used to routine and then stops responding to your exercises. If any of this sounds familiar, switch up your routine! You need to keep your body guessing when you work out so your body does not hit a plateau. If you use a trainer, he/she is hopefully effective and does not make you do the same thing each time you work out. Keep that in mind when using a trainer in your gym. If you are in the Chicago suburbs, check out our LifeTime Fitness location. Ask for Ross if you are ready for some evil yet effective work outs. ;)

We want to hear from you! Do you use a trainer? Are you a trainer? What style of teaching do you prefer (or use if you are a trainer)?

Sidenote: our usual Wild Wednesday post should be back next week. Life happens. Deal with it.


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  1. Several years ago, while using light weights on my own at Lifetime Fitness, Ross passed by me and offered me correction on my form. I was not his client, but he cared enough to instruct me on the proper form when he saw me doing the exercise incorrectly. I was impressed–and grateful!

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