Slow Progress…..Still Progress

If you keep up with us, you know I am nursing a couple of injuries. I have a bad heel due to improper footwear while I lift. As a result, I am under a no impact restriction on my foot- so no running or jumping. A few weeks ago I also tweaked my back and couldn’t do any upper body work. UGH. I have not been a happy camper. Last week Stacy kept the blog going while I was at Disney World with my family! It was a great trip! Kids had a ton of fun and it was great to be with family. I packed my work out clothes but didn’t use them once. WHAT?!?!?!? So not me! I decided to not work out at all so my back got a whole week of rest. I was hoping to be cleared to lift again this week. My plan totally worked! Yay! I got cleared to lift at 50% this week. Why only 50%? My back is just at the point where it will tolerate lifting again. There is no need to go full force right away or I could very well end up hurt again. I prefer to pile on as much weight as my body will handle but lifting at 50% is WAY better than not lifting at all!

Disney was not kind of my foot. All of the walking added some inflammation back into my heel. My doctor also said flying in the airplane was bad for it, too. I have a lot of fluid in the bad heel. The plan for the week is to hit it hard with therapy and icing. We hope the pain will budge. If it does not budge, we will most likely talk about getting x-rays done to see if there is a fracture. I am not a good patient. I have a hard time remembering to ice my foot! However, as I sit here blogging I am using a shoe made by Icy Feet that Stacy received from the company for a review!

photo-26If you pay attention to detail, you may notice I have a “shoe” made for the left foot on my right foot. Stacy and I both have issues in our right feet and she was gracious enough to share her Icy Feet with me! It works! The red Rock Tape was put on by my chiropractor to support my heel while I work out. The Icy Feet is a great product! It makes icing very simple and convenient. I need to remember how convenient it is to use this week. :)

I am very happy to be able to slowly add my normal work outs back into my routine. A tiny voice is still complaining that I can’t do everything right now but I am ignoring her. I much rather be able to do something rather than nothing! Plus, it is very important to take care of our bodies so we can continue to do our work outs. We do not use our injuries as an excuse to skip the gym completely. Skipping the gym actually makes both of us crabby! So my week will be spent being a good patient by icing my foot and not going all out at the gym. My progress may be moving a little slower than I would like but it is still moving!




4 thoughts on “Slow Progress…..Still Progress

  1. Welcome back! Injuries suck but I think you totally have the best attitude- don’t rush it like you said. So I have to ask….improper footwear when lifting? What were you wearing if you don’t mind me being nosey? Heels? ;o) Take care of yourself!

    • This shortie loves her heels! I was wearing neutral Innov8s. I LOVE them but my feet do not love neutral shoes. I need to go buy weight lifting shoes with the heel support. Lesson learned.

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