I can’t lift my arms!

So. Sore. So very sore. Two consecutive days of upper body and my arms and shoulders are done. Hurts so good! I am still being a good patient and lifted less than I would normally lift. I even stretched after I was done working out today. I feel like I should get a medal. ;)

Coming back to our bootcamp class after a break is tough. I dread when I have to take time off from class because I know I will suffer when I get back to class. That was me today even with the lighter weight. At one point, I put my sweaty forehead on my trainer’s arm and begged for no more squat presses.  We do a lot of squat presses in class and I do not enjoy them. However, they are a basic exercise that everyone should do! No need to bust out fancy routines. Stick to the basics because they are very effective. You can use a heavier weight than what you would curl because you drive with your legs to push the weight overhead. Hold your weight (two dumbbells or a barbell) near your shoulders while you squat. As you raise up, you will push the weight overhead to lock it out. As I said, you need to use your legs to drive the weight overhead. Remember to squat low!

Everyone seemed to be out of it today in class. Not sure what was in the air but we all seemed to struggle. I had no energy to think of a fun pose for our Wednesday picture so we laid on the floor. Everyone seemed to like the pose today. :)

photo-27Still very happy to be lifting again. I am one of those crazies that likes being sore. Glutamine will be my friend today.

What about you? Nursing an injury? Still getting through your work outs? Did you just come back from a break and feeling ti like me? We want to hear from you! Blogging is more fun when we get to talk to our readers!



2 thoughts on “I can’t lift my arms!

  1. Totally, 100% agree that you don’t need fancy, new moves. In my opinion the old, “simple” ones work just fine and they’ve stuck around for a reason! I do enjoy being sore, sometimes… ;) How do you take your glutamine?

  2. Just in pill form. Only bought it for the first time recently. I am not good at remembering to take anything so supplements are not a huge part of my fitness.

    I had a feeling you would like being sore, too! ;)

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