My Soxy Feet Review & a GIVEAWAY!!

I am a creature of habit when it comes to running. Once I find something I love, I do not deviate far from it. (If it’s clothing, I may buy it in several different colors so I am not too boring!) A very specific example of this would be my socks. I have been wearing the same brand of running socks for about two years. My socks have gotten me through hundreds of miles, races, etc.

A few weeks ago, I was contacted about trying  My Soxy Feet socks. I immediately went to their website and checked them out. They seemed to have a lot of great qualities in addition to one my current socks do not have – they are super cute! However, at the end of the day, function wins over cute hands down. Because these socks were so adorable and I trusted the friend that had contacted me about them I agreed to give them a try. I figured if nothing else, I could wear them for my gym workouts or lifting days that I am not as “sock picky” about.

I anxiously checked the mail every day while awaiting my socks. (Seriously! Missy got a daily text updating her on the status of my mail…) The day after we got them, we each put our pair on at the gym. They immediately felt awesome on our feet! Missy commented that they felt like walking on clouds. I later saw that they actually mention this on their website. Totally true advertising!!


The next day, I decided to put the socks to a real test. I put them on for my long run. I have to say, I was a little hesistant about this. (Remember, same socks for two years?) Just to give them an even harder test, I did not put anything on my feet to protect against blisters. When my run lengths get up to about ten miles or further I will typically put Aquaphor on my feet to prevent blisters, but I headed out with nothing on my feet but the My Soxy Feet socks. As already noted, these felt awesome on my feet. The best compliment I can give them is that a few miles into the run I didn’t know they were there. They performed perfectly. I did get a few strange looks when I made a couple mid-run stops to take pictures of my socks.


After I finished my run, I took off my socks for the moment of truth. Even though it felt like they had worked well, I closely inspected my feet for any “hot spots” or blisters. They were perfect! In fact, they performed so well that I had to immediately wash them so I could wear them again on my next run!

Missy gave her socks a rigorous test walking around Disney World all day and also agreed they were great!


For those of you looking for more technical information about My Soxy Feet, they are made with CoolMax eco fibers meant to keep your feet cool and dry. They are 53% CoolMax, 46% nulon & 1% lycra. They have a mesh top for ventilation and extra cushioning at the toes and heels for comfort (the walking on clouds feeling!).

As if all of that isn’t enough to make these socks awesome, they have a really great story. According to My Soxy Feet owner/founder, Melissa, “Each pair of our high quality running socks is an ode to someone who has helped me understand the interplay between challenge and joy. So on those days when excuses are looming, I hope that these colorful socks inspire you to get out and run.” Several of the socks even have a specific cause they benefit. For example. The “dog daze” socks benefit pet rescue, the “heart & sole” benefit a breast cancer foundation, etc. How great is that?! I want one of each! I have already ordered several more.


Are you ready for some more great news? Melissa at My Soxy Feet has agreed to give away a free pair of socks to one lucky Fit Femmes reader! You can enter in one of several ways:

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Visit and check out the store. Leave a comment on this blog post telling us which are your favorite pair & why.

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Do you think YOU have what it takes to be a great My Soxy Feet Ambassador? They will be recruiting more brand ambassadors very soon and we will be sure to share all the info as soon as we receive it!

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  1. My favorite pair has to be “Run with it”. There are many, many days I need “extra” encouragement to get moving. These socks would be a great reminder.

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