Five Things Friday (& How to become a My Soxy Feet Ambassador!)

Happy Friday! Before I get started on my “five things Friday,” I wanted to update you on yesterday’s post about My Soxy Feet.  I mentioned that they would be recruiting more Brand Ambassadors.  The application is online now! If you think you would be a great fit, apply here.


Today I will share five “new discoveries.” These things are not necessarily new, but they are new to me and I am excited about them so I am sharing!


  1. Vega Sport electrolyte hydrator – While I think good old plain water is great for most workouts, some of the workouts we do are really intense.  Some of my workouts are also fairly long, crossing over that hour window when many experts suggest switching to a beverage with electrolytes.  I typically use Gatorade on long runs, but hate the extra sugar and calories on a daily basis.  Some of the other products I have looked at have a laundry list of ingredients, including artificial sweetener which I try to avoid, or at least keep to a mininum.  Missy was recently asked to try the Vega Sport  electrolyte hydrator and review it, and she was nice enough to share some samples with me.  This product is all-natural, plant based and contains no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners.  I wasn’t sure what to expect when I tasted it, but it is good! I will spare you all the nitty gritty details because as I mentioned, Missy will be talking about this more in depth soon! I will definitely be buying more of this. seq024-sequel-vega-electrolyte-hydrator-pomegranate-berry_1
  2. Ubersense app – This is a free app (there are paid upgrades available) that allows you to watch and share performance videos. It has the very cool feature that you can watch your videos at four different speeds from “regular” to really slow motion.  I have never been a fan of watching myself on video, but have come to realize with weight lifting it is a great way to watch your form.  All those little details my trainer is telling me to correct? I can see them on video which is a lot different that just hearing about it.  It is amazing what you can pick up on in slow motion.  I love that after our training sessions our trainer can load videos of us and “share” them so we can review them and try to improve.  While the app does some really cool things, we are still trying to figure some features out and are not crazy about a few things (videos can take a while to load, I am having trouble adding Missy to my “team,” etc.).  Despite these things, I do think this is a worthwhile app.  Missy even plans to use it to record her son’s baseball swing.  This could definitely be useful in a lot of sports!
  3. My Soxy Feet – I know, I know… I just mentioned them in my review yesterday! But I couldn’t talk about five new discoveries without mentioning them again.
  4. Inov-8 FastLift shoes – I had been lifting in a minimalist shoe, but recently switched to these after experiencing heel pain.  I decided to look into weight lifting shoes, and ended up with these.  Since making the switch, I have had zero foot pain post-lifting.  These shoes provide stability, structure & support through the heel.  While these certainly aren’t a necessity for many, if you are lifting heavy weight on a regular basis, I strongly recommend these (or a similar shoe). Unknown
  5. Rock Tape — When Missy started experiencing foot pain, she was getting taped at the chiropractor.  It made me begin to explore the different methods of taping and how it can help to support my foot issue as well.  There are videos on You Tube on how to tape countless different issues.  I have found taping hugely helpful! There are a lot of different brands of tape out there, many of which work very well.  We have both just found Rock Tape to stay on the best and the longest.  Plus, you can also get cute designs on the tape to make your injury your latest gym fashion accessory. 601533_595928830435966_1777826719_n



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