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If you have been following our blog for awhile, it is no secret that both Missy and I have been suffering from foot issues over the past couple months. I had foot surgery in December and have had a “two steps forward/one step back” cycle going on ever since. Missy’s issues started more recently, but have put a huge cramp in her style with training limitations.

Right after I had surgery I was really good about icing my foot because I had nothing better to do. When you are sitting around all day, it’s pretty easy to remember to ice your foot every few hours. Once I resumed my typical daily craziness, my icing fell to the wayside. I mean really, who has time to sit there with an ice pack for 15-20 minutes, three times a day? That’s almost an hour of my day spent sitting in one spot with ice on my foot!

This battle with myself went on for awhile because I couldn’t deny the fact that I felt better when I iced. I just didn’t have (or make) the time to do it regularly enough.

In March, Missy and I visited a local running store for a Swirlgear event. It was there that I first saw a product called Icy Feet. Icy Feet is a product that looks like a shoe sole with two straps that allows you to “wear” your cold pack. I was intrigued, and reached out to the company to find out more information. Craig at Icy Feet agreed to send me some Icy Feet to test and honestly review on the blog.


One of the first things I noticed about my Icy Feet when I took it out of the package was that it is not just a flat slab of an ice pack. It is contoured to perfectly ice your foot. According to Icy Feet, the “cold pack features an engineered insole shape with a recessed heel cup and elevated arch to allow for a comfortable fit while providing constant contact at the point where relief is needed.” This is truly a great design feature and very noticeable when you are icing.


So how does it work? You put the Icy Feet in the freezer for a few hours, with the sole side up. Once frozen, you put it on your foot and you have simple icing with no mess. If you are a regular user of different icing methods, you will understand how important that “no mess” part is. Some of the methods I used prior to Icy Feet dripped water, left whatever I was icing on (couch, chair etc) damp, or were just otherwise very inconvenient. With my Icy Feet, I can do one of my favorite things – multitask. I have found that while I am drying my hair and getting ready after my post-workout shower is the new perfect time to ice. Icy Feet has made this possible!


I try to ice three times a day now, and definitely feel better when I do. Prior to Icy Feet, I was lucky to be icing once every three days. I have actually gotten so accustomed to my Icy Feet that I have missed it when have gone out of town somewhere with no freezer!

Icy Feet says it can help with plantar fasciitis, muscle strains, bone spurs, inflammation, cramping, heel spurs, throbbing, bruised sesamoids, hand-foot syndrome and diabetes. I think they would also feel amazing to put them on both feet after a long run or long day on your feet!

Icy Feet is owned and opperated by Craig Snyder who developed the product to meet a need he saw when struggling with his own foot issues. You can read more about his story here. To me, this is an added “pro” to this product. As a small business owner myself, I always love to support other small business owners, especially when they are clearly passionate about their product like Craig is.

I honestly can’t say anything negative about this product. It has been a perfect fit for my needs and lifestyle and is one of those “how did I go so long without this?” products. If you suffer from any foot ailment, I strongly urge you to try out Icy Feet. They are available on their website at www.icyfeet.com and sell for $29.99 for one foot or a pair for $57.50. A very worthwhile investment!

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