Over It

I am discouraged today. Realllllyyyy discouraged. I am just about done with my foot restrictions. Like done with it weeks ago. I am tired of not being able to do my regular routine. I am tired of not being able to join my bootcamp class. I was able to go a couple times recently but now I am on a no weight bearing restriction for my foot. I can lift weights but I need to be seated. This restriction will remain active until we know what is going on with my foot. I had an X-ray done yesterday but may not get results until tomorrow. It could still be plantar fasciitis or a stress fracture or bone spur. I almost hope it is a stress fracture or a bone spur just so I can have something physical (walking boot or even surgery) to help fix it. If it is plantar fasciitis, it just means MORE resting. I can’t rest anymore. I am over going to the chiropractor. I am over finding someone to watch my youngest son while I go to the chiropractor multiple times a week for well over an hour each visit. Today is his last day of preschool so it will be that much harder to schedule visits and find someone to watch him. It is FINALLY warm in the Chicago burbs and I am longing to wear my beloved flip flops. But I have to wear supportive shoes all stinking day. I even have to wear shoes in the house and I hate wearing shoes in the house. My boys keep reminding me to take my shoes off while in the house and I keep reminding them it hurts to go barefoot. Like I said, I am over it.


My dad once told me only I have the power to truly make myself happy. At the time, I resisted his words but I know he was right. If I could tell him today that I know he was right, he would laugh and say, “DUH!” I am feeling pretty sorry for myself today but only I can decide to be happy with my situation. I can still sit down and lift weights. I can still use the weight machines that do not put any stress on my foot. I actually had a great work out today by myself. And despite my limitations, I am feeling happy with how I look and feel. What is my point here? I am telling myself to snap out of it. I gave myself some time today to say woe is me but I need to move on with life. I don’t feel like following my restrictions anymore but I know I have to follow them. Following restrictions for your fitness is all part of the process. I totally agree with the picture above that I found on Pinterest. It takes discipline to work out and eat well. At the same time, it also takes just as much, if not more, discipline to follow doctor’s orders when it comes to your health.

What about you? Ever feel discouraged with your fitness? Feel like giving up? Ever feel like not following doctor’s orders? Let me hear from you so I can feel sorry for you and not myself. ;)



8 thoughts on “Over It

  1. I feel ya, Missy! I’m sick of my thyroid not working and making me feel like shit all of the time no matter what I do! I’m glad I’m not in physical pain- but I feel like garbage anyway. I will do some lower body weight bearing exercises for ya ;)

  2. Ugh, I’m so sorry! Last year, I got plantaar fasciitis and a calcaneal bone spur from running. Both are incredibly painful :( I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you for the lesser of two evils in this situation – bone spur or stress fracture. Those can be fixed! Waiting for the plantaar fasciitis to “heal” was a long process. Sending lots of positive thoughts your way!

    • THANK YOU! I keep telling my chiro I would rather it be a fracture or bone spur so I can have something physical to fix it. He thinks I am crazy. I am glad someone else gets it…..or is just as crazy. Haha!

  3. Missy I’m so sorry! I hope it improves for you sooner rather then later! I totally understand why you feel this way, I’m sure I’d feel the same. I think you’re allowed to have a little pity party for yourself once in awhile. Just as long as it doesn’t last for weeks you’re ok ;o) Keep us updated!

  4. I’m sorry to hear this but I so, so feel you. I have been a walking injury this winter/spring and the last one was in my foot–I too almost hoped it was a stress fracture/etc so that I could just put a boot on and be done with it. Just know that we are here if you need us.

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