Gym Pet Peeves (& a Giveaway WINNER!)

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This week I will focus on five things I do not like. We will call this Five Things Friday “gym pet peeves” edition. For those of us that go to the gym often enough, we all have them. Those things that aren’t necessarily wrong or in violation of any gym rules, but they just drive you insane. Here are my five completely annoying (at least to me) scenarios.


  1. You are running on the treadmill.   The entire row of treadmills are empty. (Or maybe there is one other person 5-6 treadmills away from you…) Person comes in and sets up on the treadmill right next to you. WHY? Really, why?! To add insult to injury, Missy once had this happen and the guy next to her was farting. He wasn’t even running. He was walking along at a leisurely pace, farting and making it difficult for her to breath clean air while running!
  2. You have just completed a boot camp class using a very heavy set of dumbbells or barbell. This means, you have just spent a full hour lifting this weight you are now carrying. Random man hanging out on weight floor asks you “Do you need help with that?” NO, I do not need help with that. I clearly just worked out with this weight. I do not need you to help me put it back on the rack, thank you very much. I must say this has not happened in awhile. It used to happen on a regular basis, but I think the gym regulars have figured out we can handle our weights.
  3. You are lifting heavy weight overhead. You may even be dropping said weight (in an appropriate place with weights & flooring that are meant to do so). Random person walks RIGHT behind you/between you/in front of you. Seriously? Can you not see we have a lot of weight? There is plenty of room to move around the gym without walking right by me and my weight. To make this scenario even more “fun,” walk through the middle of an entire class lifting weights.
  4. The person that shares an unsolicited negative opinion. I will share a few personal examples of this. While training for my first marathon, I had someone approach me specifically to tell me how when they ran their first marathon they couldn’t run again for a year and they would never do another marathon. To make this even better, this was told to me by a “fitness professional” only a couple weeks before my race when I was already in “freak out mode.” Gee, thanks. Second example was more recent. I was taking a small group training class and picked up the heaviest set of weights. The instructor told me I was not going to be able to complete the exercise with those weights. She had never met me before to know that the weights I grabbed were not even half of the weight I lift on a regular basis. Again, thanks. Don’t get me wrong, I like feedback from people who I know and trust. My trainer corrects me regularly and that is a good thing. I have asked some of my friends in class to correct me if they see my form slacking, etc. But if you do not know me (or are just a random person at the gym) and I did not ask you for your opinion, please keep it to yourself!
  5. The person that is sweating ALL OVER the piece of equipment they are on/using and then walks away without cleaning it or wiping it down.  Really? Those wipes that are provided in a dozen locations throughout the gym? Use them!!



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What are YOUR gym pet peeves?  I had a girl at the gym tell me that she would need it to be “fifty things Friday” to vent all of her’s! How about you?

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  1. #4m #4!!!!!!!!!!!! That drives me nuts! I’d like to think that I know a little bit about weight lifting yet choose to restrain myself ALL the time unless someone asks for help. I can’t stand it when people give out unsolicited advice especially since most of the people doing it don’t really know jack crap! Uggggghhhhhh. Clearly- you’ve struck a cord here with me :)

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