Wild Wednesday (Treadmill Edition!)

If you have missed our crazy Wednesday pictures, I apologize. I have been leaving Wednesday workouts early the past six weeks to teach karate to pre-schoolers at a local daycare. Missy has been hurt as I’m sure you know if you follow us. (She is still at the gym working hard every day, but can’t do boot camp yet!) I promise to try to return to our regularly scheduled photos next Wednesday, but for today here is a picture we took a few weeks ago that we haven’t shared on the blog yet.


Ever feel like Holiday weeks mess up your “routine” all week? This even happened to us with boot camp. I was not there on Memorial Day, but we had our first pool workout of the summer. I’m sure we will talk about these more once Missy and I actually participate, but let’s just say this is not your typical water aerobics class. Our pool workouts entail heavy weights, climbing stairs (usually with said weight on your shoulders or “better yet” – overhead!), jumping in and out of the pool and other “fun” things. At any rate, because of the change in schedule we had cardio day today in place of our normal wild Wednesday in the gym. I have been wanting to share a treadmill workout on the blog for awhile, so this provided the perfect excuse for me to share.


Our treadmill workouts are always some sort of intervals. Sometimes they are as long as a mile; sometimes they are as short as .10, but always some sort of interval/recovery pattern. You have probably figured out that I love to run, but I have a definite love/hate relationship with these treadmill workouts. These are the “push completely outside of your comfort zone until you want to puke” sort of days. However, the big improvement in running performance and race times since starting these workouts makes them all worth it in the end. I am not currently running at “100 percent” on my foot yet, so they haven’t been as bad. I really miss the speed I was starting to see though, so I will definitely push harder again as soon as I can do so without pain the next day!


Today’s workout was a pretty typical cardio day for us. Here is the workout:


Five minute “easy run” warm-up

.50 (half mile) fast interval flat (i.e. treadmill at 0% incline)

60 seconds “rest” (Pause treadmill & restart before the minute runs out!)

.40 interval at 3% incline

60 seconds rest

.30 interval at 6% incline

60 seconds rest

.20 interval at 9% incline

60 seconds rest

.10 interval at 12% incline


Get off the treadmill and complete the following with a heavy (for you) kettlebell:


20 swings

20 burpees with an upright row. For this move you will do the burpee with the kettlebell on the ground. When you pop up you continue to the upright row. Here is a video that demonstrates the upright row quite well.


Round two was a repeat of round one except that we reversed the run intervals, starting with the .10 at 12% incline, .20 at 9% incline, etc. I’m sure you get the idea.


We switch up using dumbbells, a barbell, kettlebells or sometimes just body weight exercises between intervals and our intervals alternate between being flat speedwork and hill work. I firmly believe in this type of speedwork for improved running performance. I think every single person in our class has gotten considerably faster.


In other news, Missy and I are busy getting ready for our respective adventures next week. She will cruising with the New Kids on the Block next week while I am running a 200 mile Ragnar Relay from Madison to Chicago. Most likely one of these options sounds way more fun than the other to you, but we are both pretty excited about our adventures! I am starting to get into slight “Ragnar freakout mode” as we coordinate who is bringing what with the girls in our van, etc. This will be a particularly interesting adventure because I have only met one of the girls in my van for about fifteen minutes. I will be spending thirty plus hours in a van with five ladies (All Swirlgear brand ambassadors from around the country!) that I do not know. I am sure we will get to know each other in a hurry! You will likely be hearing a lot about Ragnar from me in the next two weeks. I go back and forth on being excited and nervous, but definitely mostly excited at this point!


Do you do speedwork? If you have every run a relay/overnight/ultra race, any last minute words of advice for me?




2 thoughts on “Wild Wednesday (Treadmill Edition!)

  1. I love speed work because it breaks up my normal routine and lets me push myself harder than I feel comfortable! I’ve not run relays but I have done a 50k. Just trust your training and enjoy the run! I’d say good luck but you won’t need it!

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