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Sooooo turns out I am cruising after all with New Kids On The Block. If you follow our blog, I was not cruising until just a few weeks ago. I get REALLY sick after I come home from each cruise so I opted to not cruise this year. Last year was unusually bad so I decided I had had enough. Well, turns out I have not had enough. I was so sad and then angry that I would be missing all of my cruise friends while they were together without me. I have been on this cruise three times already. Of course, New Kids are a huge bonus on the boat. I would not be paying for an overpriced vacation if I didn’t love them. However, vacationing with my friends is what drove me to get on that boat. It is the one time throughout the year that this busy mama gets to truly relax and have fun.

Besides, how could I miss this:


And this:


Stacy has recently started a five things Friday so I am going to do a cruise edition for you this week since we sail away NEXT WEEK!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok cruisers, humor me while I try to mother you just a little bit. If you have been on the boat, you know it is balls to the wall kind of fun but please remember to take care of yourselves!

Five Things Friday, Cruise Edition

1. Stay Hydrated with WATER!!!!!! Please remember to drink water throughout the day. If you are thirsty (no, not thirsty for beer or the fruity drinks- try the kiss drink while on the boat. I can never remember the actual name of the drink but it has the word kiss in it. SO GOOD!)….Where was I? Oh yeah- if you are thirsty, you are already getting dehydrated. Who wants to sit out of all the fun because you have a migraine or are dizzy? No one. Drink your water so you don’t miss the boys dancing on the lido or on the beach. Worth. It.

2. Wear Sunscreen Yes, we all want to soak in the sun especially if you live in the Chicago area like me and just experienced the WORST WINTER EVER. I am good at applying sunscreen but forget to reapply throughout the day. Reapply people! Do you want to look like a lobster in your photo op? No. Lobsters are not cute.

3. Make Good Choices with your food. Everyone is crazy about that molten chocolate cake on the boat. Fine. Try it. Life is too short to not treat yourself. Just remember your fellow sister while you stand in line at the buffet each day. Dessert should not happen each meal. Fill your plates with fruit, veggies and lean meats. Remember to get some good calories consumed so you have enough energy to participate in Donnie’s breakfast club! The first night of last year’s cruise involves some foggy memories of me killing a plate of cheese fries after the lido party. I NEVER eat cheese fries. Buuuuut you do tend to need some carbs after the lido party. :) Just don’t eat the pizza. Not. Even. Edible. Some people love it but they are clearly not from the Chicago area.

4. Get Some Sleep Try to get some sleep each night! It is hard to pull yourself away from the fun especially if you have gotten into the after party. But again, you want some energy to last for the next day so go to bed! Take a nap in a lounge chair on the lido throughout the afternoon if you need to- whatever. Just tell your friends to give you a good kick every 30-60 minutes so you are not fried on one side.

5. HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!! The cruise is what you make of it. Have fun. Don’t stress over unnecessary drama. You will have a chance to see and hug the boys at some point on the boat. Enjoy your vacation with your friends! Cherish the time we have together and with the boys! Who knows how long this ride will last but might as well make the most of it while we can!

If I were to add a sixth point, I would say join me in the very bare gym. ;) Not many people work out while on the cruise. I totally get it. Personally, I like having the gym to myself! I have a balcony room this year so that means I will not be able to sleep with the sun shining in my room. If you have a balcony like me, beware when you open the door while we are moving. Its like a freaking wind tunnel. So if you are up early and can’t go back to sleep, come find me in the gym.

I do have some business to share with you from Stacy. As she mentioned, she will be running Ragnar next week! Today’s follow Friday are four of her Team Swirlgear Ragnar teammates. You may recognize some familiar names, but if not, make sure to check them out. I am sure they will be documenting their Ragnar journey as well and will probably even have good “blackmail” pictures of Stacy after 30 hours in a van together. All joking aside, these ladies have some amazing blogs that are well worth your time to check out!

Karen from Tradingheels or check out her Facebook page here.

Michele from Thismommaruns or check out her Facebook page here.

Sue from Thismamarunsforcupcakes or check out her Facebook page here.

Deborah from Wordchickonthego.

Despite being out of town next week, Stacy and I will have posts scheduled! Be sure to check them out. We start a new giveaway next week! YAY! Free stuff!

Ok, just one more picture. Can’t freaking wait!






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