Keep Calm & Summer On

We interrupt our regularly scheduled “Five Things Friday” with something that is very near to our hearts right now.

If you have been reading our blog for awhile, you may remember this picture from awhile ago.


Our Lifetime Fitenss boot camp class supporting Summer.

Our Lifetime Fitness boot camp class supporting Summer.


We were all sporting “Keep Calm & Summer On” shirts to support a girl from the gym battling cancer.  If you were ever lucky enough to work out near Summer, she always has a smile on her face (even at the gym!!).  She is always having fun.  She truly is the kind of person that lights up a room when she is in it!

She has been dealt blow after tough blow the past few months.  Through it all, she has remained unbelievably positive and inspirational to others.  She (and her family) have been maintaining a private facebook group for health updates for family and friends.  I am not sure exactly how it started, but at some point Summer expressed (a few weeks ago) that she would love to see people “paying it forward” through random acts of kindness in her name.  This idea took off!  It has been so awesome to come home after a long day and read all of the amazing things people are doing for others.  The idea has even hit the media! A nearby town has declared today (June 6th) Summer Day and is asking residents to perform random acts of kindness.  My friend texted me yesterday and told me to turn on the radio because they were sharing her story – on a major Chicago radio station!  Some of my favorite random acts of kindness reported so far was a women who bought a meal for a young man at a restaurant and then found out he had tried to take his own life the day before.  He was so incredibly touched by her random act of kindness that he shared this story with her. There was another woman who was going to give a typical $1 tip to a bathroom attendant, but instead gave her a $20.  Can you imagine how this made her night? Another woman baked for the elderly at a local retirement community.  Anything counts as long as it is random (unsolicited and something you would not “normally” do).  The goal is to show others that you care.

If you know me personally, you may know that my husband and I own a local karate school.  We will be hosting a week long “Random Acts of Kindness” week for Summer and I would love to see some Fit Femmes readers participate as well.  Let’s make this movement reach around the world!  Here is the info:

“Beginning Friday, June 6th, Superstar Karate will be hosting a week long “Pay It Forward” campaign in honor of a local friend, Summer White Lynch. Summer is a Bloomingdale resident who is courageously battling cancer while remaining positive, influential and inspirational to others. In honor of Summer, many community groups are fulfilling her wish of “paying it forward” through random acts of kindness, creating positive change in our community and world – one good deed at a time. We would like to have ALL Superstar Karate students and families participate! Here are the details…

Who: All Superstar Karate students, parents, friends, or anyone that wants to participate in the community!

What: No random act of kindness is too small! Help someone with their groceries, buy the coffee for the car behind you at the drive up, etc. Or think bigger! A young Superstar Karate student, Arman, is planning to give away his old bike. Other ideas include helping an elderly neighbor, donating your time at the food bank, etc. Be creative!

When: June 6th – June 13th will be our “official” “Summer Week,” however, we encourage you to continue your random acts of kindness beyond those dates!

Where: Random Acts of Kindness can be performed anywhere!

Please tell us about your random acts of kindness on our Superstar Karate facebook page. Summer’s mom is compiling a book of all the amazing things the community is doing in Summer’s name as she fights this cancer battle. (Side note: Please post on our FitFemmes facebook page here.)

Let’s all join together, kick cancer & as Summer says — Keep Calm & Summer On!”

I leave you with some powerful words from Summer.

“Why not take the time to really live? Take your day and make it mean the most for you. Did you do something to make you feel special? Make that doctor’s appointment you been wanting to, go on that walk or date night with your other half that you keep putting off. Don’t worry about your house today and go outside and do something your kids have been wanting to do. Have that cocktail on the patio after work. That television show will wait. My point is that living the princess crazy way is also about living your live to the fullest. Even before all this happened I was one to want to live for the moment. You never know how much time you get, and for that reason alone I never want anyone to look back and wish they had said I love you to that person, or left those dishes in the sink so that you could have lunch with a pal that really needed a smile. I have been reading through all these most awesome tributes when I am up and am just in awe over it.”


So Fit Femmes readers, what can YOU do today to make the world a better place and honor this wonderful life?  Be sure to tell us about it either as a blog comment or on our facebook page so it can be compiled into the book!

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