I’m Baaaaack!

Hellooooooo! Feels like forever since I have blogged! I am back from my cruise and recovering well. I usually get very sick after I come back from my cruises but this year I have been doing well! I started experiencing the vertigo almost right away but I found if I took meds or napped, I felt worse. Weird but I went with it and tried to ignore my symptoms. I still feel the pressure from the vertigo but I am able to thankfully function normally throughout the day. Today’s post is going to be a hodge podge of catching up with you: announcing the Bob’s Red Mill winner and a cruise recap.

First line of business: Bob’s Red Mill giveaway winner! I chose the winner using the raffle copter. I apologize that I am not tech savvy enough to figure out how to post a picture of the actual entry raffle copter randomly selected but Valerie P. won the giveaway! Valerie won by following Bob’s Red Mill on Twitter. She has already been notified but again, congrats Valerie!

The New Kids on the Block cruise was amazing as usual! I was so happy to be with my girls and yeah, the boys were a bonus. ;) I am hearing you ladies like to see some of the pictures so here a few of my favorites:


I mean, HOW ADORABLE do Danny and I look together? Meat head heaven right there. As my husband was looking through my pictures and seeing a million pictures of shirtless Danny, he said he feels like my favorite has changed to Danny. He knows the bigger the muscles, the more I am interested.


The boys were very accommodating this year taking selfies with everyone. So fun! I got three out of the five boys. I really did not take a lot of pictures this year. I find the more I cruise, the less pictures taken. I was way too busy having fun with my friends!


Cowboy night? YES. I would not mind doing that theme again. Pretty sure every woman on that boat would agree with me. YEE HAW! If you are a Joe girl and did not cruise, you may want to head on over to you tube and search for videos of him on cowboy night. ;)



How cute are they, right? The boys definitely keep their bodies in tip top shape. I have never been lucky enough to work out with them in the gym on the boat. SOME. DAY. It will happen! Ok, so maybe only Joe and Danny take advantage of the gym. Joe is a runner and Danny lifts and is into running now. If fact, I am really hoping to #RunWithDanny this fall. I have not signed up for any races this season yet since I can’t run right now. But even if I can’t race in October, I hope to at least complete the half marathon. If you can run with Danny, sign up for the race! Danny started a now nationally recognized Komen team in honor of his mom that died from breast cancer. Get in a nice run and raise some money for breast cancer research!


Can’t leave the Donnie girls hanging without a picture, can I?! He says that his abs are the best. They are nice but he is too skinny for me! Danny has the best obliques, ever. EVER! Donnie is the one who keeps the party going, hands down. He can turn nothing into the best time ever. He is super lean and I would love to see what he and the rest of the guys eat when preparing for New Kids events.

Ok, I could post a million pictures but I need to move on! Yes, I did work out on the boat. I was happy to see a few more people than I expected to see in the gym. Sure, some were staff but there were more cruisers than I expected in the gym. I was, of course, over in the weight section with the rest of the men but a couple of other ladies joined me this year! Yay for female lifters! Something worth mentioning: I came across the BEST and most AWKWARD gym routine while on the boat. If I could have filmed this guy’s routine, I would have had over a million hits for sure on you tube. It was so odd that it almost felt twilight zone-ish. I kept looking around to see if anyone else was dumb founded as I was but we were all trying to play it cool while we watched him. He had a very specific dance that he did around the dumbbells. Yes, a DANCE. He was in the zone. This dance all revolved around him doing sets of 5 chest presses on the bench but they were not even half reps! At first I was amused but then when I saw how bad his form was, I started getting irritated because I wanted his bench. I felt like he was hogging it and not even doing the exercise correctly. I may sound like a gym snob but sorry, not sorry.

If you ever go on a cruise, bring bottled water or have a case or two delivered to your room. I will never be drinking the water from a cruise ship ever again. The water is treated with sodium. YUCK. The inside of my mouth actually felt burned from all of the water I was drinking. My belly bloated badly, too. Gross. Next year I am having 1-2 cases of water sent to my room. I do not like bottled water but it is way better than the water on the ship. I am still trying to get rid of the bloat in my belly. It is, thankfully, almost gone! I am trying to get in 100 ounces of water a day to flush out any junk. I did a little better with my eating this year. I really hate the food on the boat but I forced myself to eat something rather than skip a meal. I did feel some weakness when I lifted on the boat and I know that was due to improper nutrition. If you are going to lift weights, you CANNOT skimp on the food!

On Thursday I will be sharing a special workout with you that I did in New York! It was so fun!

One more cruise picture. One of my favorites that includes my favorites:



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