Barry’s BootCamp

As I sit here blogging I am thinking, “Man, my bootie and legs are sore.” YOU KNOW WHY????? I got to lift on my feet yesterday! YAY! My chiro released one of my restrictions and is letting me lift! Thank you, Lord! I was starting to get bored in the gym. So what did I do on my first day back? Naturally, I did leg day. I was so happy to be lifting on my feet again but I am WEAK! I knew I would lose some of my strength but I was surprised how much strength I have lost in this past month. I am not allowed to max out on the weight but I am no where close to being able to max out. Ross, our trainer, assured me that we would get the weight back in no time. We already have an appointment to lift next week. I had to go to the gym in the afternoon yesterday due to a crazy week. I was not happy because it was crawling with college aged boys that have apparently never seen a girl lift olympic weights. Ok, I am sure they have seen a girl lift but I felt like I was in a window display. And then I was mad because I was lifting lighter than normal- such a meathead. :)

I am very excited to tell you about a work out I did the day before we set sail to Bermuda. (If you are just tuning into our blog, I went on the New Kids on the Block cruise recently.)  I have been following Barry’s Bootcamp on social media for well over a year now. Ok, I started following them because one of the trainers is dating a New Kid. :) However, since following them I became very interested in their work outs. Barry’s is not located anywhere near Chicago but I have been dying to try one of their classes. Why? They always make it sound like a lot of fun and very similar to what I do in my boot camp class at LifeTime Fitness. Barry’s has been dubbed as one of the best work outs in the world. Celebrities have been spotted numerous times in their locations. They have ripped trainers and blast music during their classes. Seriously, why would you NOT want to try out Barry’s?! I was very excited when I realized I would be in New York long enough to possibly try out a class. It took some work coordinating and one VERY LONG subway ride (in the wrong direction, oops) but I finally made it to Barry’s!

I should technically have not done the work out at Barry’s because it went against my restrictions. I explained my injury to the trainer, Josh. He offered the possibility of doing double floor work while the other participants were running. Actually, a couple people did do double floor work. But Josh had no idea that Missy does not play that way. I came all the way from Chicago to NYC to do that work out. I was doing ALL of it. One work out on the treadmill and some weights on my feet were not going to be a huge set back. I did fess up to my chiro when I got home. He was more interested in the work out than the fact that I went against his rules! The class I did was the back, chest and abs class. Each class has a combination of cardio and weights. I figured that class was my best option as I would not be on my feet for a portion of the weight section.

After Josh introduced himself to the class, he turned up the music. Clearly, I am not a trendy city kid because I had never heard ANY of the music that was played but the beats were perfect for the class. The class was very fast paced. I was thankful that my training at home allowed me to keep up and not stick out like a sore thumb. You can obviously work at your own pace but I am one that will push myself as hard as I can. I am one of those people that will try to run just as fast as the person next to me on the treadmill. Speaking of their treadmills, LOVED them. I wish my gym had their machines. The track was bouncy. I felt like a gazelle running on their treadmills. The first 17 minutes of the class were spent doing hill and speed intervals on the treadmill. I have not run in almost 2 months so I was a bit rusty. I did feel my heel almost immediately but it was just a nagging pain, not a pain that would make me stop running. I do think Barry’s awesome treadmills helped my heel. Since the track was so bouncy, the impact was not as hard. The treadmills are right up against a mirror so all you can look at is yourself running. I tend to zone out on a focal point when I am on the treadmill, especially if they are tough intervals. So basically, I got very comfortable zoning out on my own image. That sounds really vain! Being the competitive person that I am, I checked the two treadmills on either side of me for their speed. I am happy to say I was able to keep up with one guy and was just slightly under the other guy. If I had been running, I think it is safe to say I could have kept up with most of the people in class EXCEPT for the guy that sprinted at a 12 towards the end of class. Yeah, I do not care to keep up with that guy.

After the first 17 minutes of class, we moved to the floor where stations were already set up with raised benches (like you use in step class). We were told to get moderate weights. Being a first timer in this class, I had no idea what weight to use. In my bootcamp class, we lift fairly heavy. I had no clue what we would be doing with this moderate weight so I picked the heaviest weight Josh mentioned for the ladies. I also think I was the ONLY lady that picked the heaviest weight he mentioned for us. As I mentioned before, the class was chest, back and abs so we did a lot of push ups and chest presses in this section. We did some combination moves where we would press a few times and then had to raise up and twist to the side so we got in some ab work. I was happy to get a “Way to represent, Chicago!” from Josh while we were using the weights. He was really good at encouraging people throughout the class. I wish I could remember everything we did because as we were doing the weight section, I kept thinking to myself, “this would be good to do at my own gym.” I curse my bad memory! Speaking of my bad memory, I can’t remember the rest of the order of this class! So we will pretend it was running……yeah, running.

I was actually a bit sad to learn we had to get back on the treadmill to run another interval section. WHAT?!?! I was tired! No more running! ;) We did more hill and speed intervals. I was thoroughly impressed by the rock star that I previously mentioned who ran at a 12 on the treadmill. That is FAST, people. It was only for 30 seconds but if you think that sounds easy, you are dead wrong. A 30 second sprint on a treadmill can seem like forever! I would dare you to attempt that sprint but it could potentially injure you, especially if you are not used to running at that pace. During the second running section, I forgot to bring my towel back to my treadmill. BIG mistake. I got my tank cruddy because I had to wipe the sweat pouring from my face. (Dang, it felt good to sweat like that again.) There is actually one thing I would not do in class. Josh had the class run backwards on the treadmill. SCARY AS CRAP. I really attempted it in the first running section but as Josh saw me struggling, he said it was totally ok to just run normally. Thank God! I did not even attempt the backwards running in the second running section. No thank you.

We finished the class (at least I think we did- remember we were pretending I have a good memory) with one more section of weights. We were told to get heavy weights. Josh did call out certain weights for women and men. I am used to using the weights he mentioned for the guys so again I was stumped what to take. I went ahead and took the heaviest weight he mentioned for the ladies. Looking back, I could have used heavier weights throughout the entire class. I was not sore the next day from the class. That does not mean I think the class was not good or effective. Far from it! I just didn’t know what weight to use since I had never taken that class. If I were to take it again, I know I could push myself a bit more with the weights. Ross makes us lift like men (seriously) so I should have known to take weights similar to what the men were taking.

I wish Barry’s had a location in the Chicago land area. It was SO GOOD! I really loved the class. It was very similar to what my bootcamp class does on our cardio day. Everyone at the Tribeca location was so great. They even let me charge my phone while I was working out. Check out Barry’s locations. If you are anywhere near a Barry’s: 1. I am totally jealous of you and 2. GO TRY A CLASS! A big thank you goes out to the staff at the Tribeca location, especially my trainer Josh. I had very high hopes for that work out and I was not disappointed one bit. It takes quite a bit to impress me (Total gym snob. Yes, I know.) and Barry’s rocked! Below is a picture of me (looking rough!) and the trainer, Josh (See? RIPPED trainers).


Anytime I am lucky enough to be near a Barry’s location again, I will be there happily sweating off my bootie!


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