The (looooong) Road Back (& a Giveaway Winner!!)

Thanks to everyone that entered the giveaway for the Christmas in July event! Our winner, as randomly selected by Rafflecopter, is Laura V. who will be participating in the 5K.  Don’t forget, you can still save 10 percent off of registration by using the code FitFemmes10.  Let me know if I can expect to see you out there!


The past few weeks have contained a lot of ups and downs for me at the gym.  On a very bright note, I have little to no pain in my foot. I was probably more cautious than necessary until Ragnar because I didn’t want to let my team down.  Now I have been slowly incorporating things back into my workouts.

I am still trying to be really good about my recovery (and preventative) steps.  I ice regularly, tape before running, wear the right shoes 24/7, etc.  Despite all this, I feel like I live with a tiny bit of fear that I will wake up again and be in horrible pain.  But so far, so good.  That is the “up” of the last few weeks.

The “down” are the moments where I am realizing just how out of shape I have gotten.  When I was restricted from activities it became sort of an “easy way out.” It was “Oh, I can’t jump,” or “I can’t sprint all out.” Now that I can do these things (at least in small doses), I am realizing they are hard.  It is both physical and mental.  I catch myself regularly thinking I “can’t” do something and am still a little surprised when I survive.  In many ways, I feel like I did when I first started boot camp.  Sore.  Tired. Discovering muscles I completely forgot about for the past six months. But thankfully, determined! (Only difference is I can lift a lot more weight this time around. :))

I have talked to several people the last few weeks that have been frustrated with workouts because they weren’t as good as they had been in the past.  Runs were slower and intolerable, weights had to be lighter, etc.  I feel your pain.  Taking time off is miserable.  I am a somewhat competitive person, but try to mostly compete with myself.  This does not work well when you are spending the entire first half of the year playing catch up.  My 5K time is slower.  My half marathon time is slower.  My weight is higher (and not the good kind of higher weight as in the kind you lift…).  So what am I doing about this? Now that I am off of restrictions, I am (slowly) trying to get back to 100 percent.  I am trying to get my miles in.  I’m trying to push just a little bit harder each week of “speedwork.” And most importantly of all, I am trying to compare last week to this week and last month to this month instead of comparing to what I used to be able to do.  I am definitely seeing steady improvement, but it never happens as quickly as we want, does it? I know exactly what I need to do; it is just a matter of doing it.  Does this sound familiar to Missy’s post about her abs yesterday? We have seen very little of each other this summer, but are somehow in similar positions in our own ways. I believe wholeheartedly that with hard work I can get back to where I was – and better.  Quitting is not an option, but there have definitely been some days this year that I wanted to make it one.

In other news, I had been asking nicely begging for our boot camp class to workout outside for weeks now.  I have dropped many not-so-subtle hints, but there always seemed to be a reason why it just didn’t happen – until last week.  I was super excited when I heard we would be training outside! We have so few amazing weather days in our area that I like to enjoy them all to the fullest!


Outdoor workouts are the best! :)

Outdoor workouts are the best! :)

Fun with some of my workout girls after class.  These guys keep me going on the "bad days"...

Fun with some of my workout girls after class. These guys keep me going on the “bad days”…

Have you ever experienced a major setback or taken a long break from working out? Was it hard to come back?



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  1. So funny…I’ve never taken a boot camp class, but recently have been wanting to try it and was just looking around on Groupon for deals before I read this post. Now I want to do it even more! I want to flip over a giant tire bigger than me!

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