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Today’s post is a mixture of sorts- a catch up on my end and I will show you what Stacy and I did today at the gym. Last week I posted that I have fluffy vacation abs and am detoxing from the junk I ate while on vacation. Things are going well! I have not eaten any fast food- yay. Ever notice how junky you feel after eating fast food? I have no energy and my stomach usually hates me later. Have I eaten any chips? Um, yes. I have a very hard time cutting them out completely but I have reduced my portion significantly. I just have a few chips to satisfy the craving. It makes perfect sense to cut out chips completely. They are processed and full of junk I do not need. However, I am of the belief that life is too dang short. If I want a few chips, I am going to eat them. I am not getting on a stage for a bikini competition anytime soon so I am going to eat what I want when I want it. That way of thinking does NOT work for everyone. I make sure to only treat myself occasionally. I also make sure to watch my portions when I do treat myself. While I know I could eat a bag of Dortios in one sitting, I also know it is never a good idea.

Things are finally moving with my foot/calf injury. We figured out that it was most likely my calf and the pain traveled down to my foot thanks to my ligaments. I am slowly able to add more activities back into my routine as of today! I can run- more like jog- and I can box again! If you take anything away from my writings, remember this: do NOT work though pain, especially for a long period of time. I worked through this foot pain for too long and did a lot of damage. Make sure to wear proper footwear for your work outs. I am all about things being cute but I will pick functionality over cute gym shoes each and every time.

Stacy and I set up two squat rack stations (with the Olympic platforms) side by side today. At one station, we did lower body and at the other station we did upper body work with the Olympic bar and plates.



Check out my new lifting shoes! I have been meaning to buy them for FOREVER. Since hurting my foot/calf/whatever, I have learned that if you are going to lift any decent weight, you need decent lifting shoes. I was lifting in neutral shoes. I loved them but my feet hated them- boo. These shoes have a lift to the heel and a stable platform for the sole. It bugs me slightly that they say Crossfit all over them but oh well. You will also see that Stacy and I have matching sore wrists. We are not too sure how that happened but these wrist wraps helped both of us tremendously today. I got them at Dick’s Sporting Goods. Ok, onto our work out. We alternated between the 2 stations. After a set of 10 reps, we would switch places and continued this alternating for 3 sets.

Lower body station: 10 reps of back squats at 95lbs, 3 sets (Stacy did 4 reps as I had to go search for a bandaid.)

Upper body station: 10 reps of hang cleans at 65lbs, 3 sets for me/4 sets for Stacy

We switched it up for the next round because Stacy did not want to do a ton of squats. She has bootcamp class tomorrow and there is a high chance she will have to do more weighted squats.

Lower body station: 10 reps of dead lifts at 115lbs (Stacy got in 2 sets before she would switch with me to do upper body.)

Upper body station: 8 reps of of following as a combination move: row, curl and press at 65lbs. I really dislike this combo. Our trainer, Ross, introduced it to us last week during our small group session. In the picture above, you can see Stacy rowing the bar. You see me pressing it. Because we are curling the bar right after we row it, the hand placement was opposite of what we are used to doing. Not gonna lie- it felt slightly awkward pressing the bar with my hands facing the other way. We dropped down to 8 sets of this exercise because neither of us like it. It is hard!

I think we did 3 sets of round 2, as well. I honestly do not remember. Stacy had to leave to get to work so I stayed and did more squats. I am trying to work on my form with squats. I tend to fold my back. My chiro blasted me for folding at the back with heavy weight. I could really damage my spine. Oops. So I am doing lighter weight and really focusing on not folding. How do I do that? In a front squat, I have to remember to keep my elbows up or I start folding. In a back squat, I have to remember to keep my chest up. I did the following sets:

Back squats: 10 reps of 95lbs, 5 reps. 10 reps of 115lbs, 5 sets

Front squats: 10 reps of 65lbs, 5 sets

I love lifting more than anything I do in the gym. The new platforms we have at the gym are great. We kept the weight fairly light today and I was more than ok with that! I was feeling tired today so I am guessing I did not eat enough calories yesterday. I have not turned into a complete meat head where I feel the need to max out on weight each time I lift. ;)

Not many girls use the Olympic weights. Do any of our readers use them? I want to hear from you! What is your favorite lift?



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  1. I appreciate your comments regarding the wrist wraps. I recently realized that my wrists need some support as I am adding weight to my body pump workout. I just began my research and your input is helpful.

    • I am glad! The wrist wraps we are using are very affordable. I think they were $11.99. I figured it was not much money wasted if they did not work.

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