Cardio? No Thanks.





I had zero motivation to go to the gym yesterday. Why? It was my first day back running. I looked back at the blog archives and I posted that I could have no impact on my foot on April 23. Running breaks are not good for me. I tend to end up hate running. So it should come as no surprise that I did not want to run after not being able to do so for THREE MONTHS. THREE LONG MONTHS. In that time, I was so over cardio. I kept telling myself that I could get by without doing any cardio and that maybe I would just strictly lift from now on. I have really come to love lifting way more than anything I do at the gym. I got to the gym and chatted with my class and Ross for a bit. After a few minutes Ross looked at me and said, “It is not going to get done with you just standing here.” Dang it. I am not in class and he is STILL bossing me around! Ha, I would totally be the same way if I were a trainer. I hung my head and dragged my feet to my favorite section of treadmills. I like them because you can see quite a bit of activity in that section. I need a distraction and let us just say, some of that distraction is amusing!

I decided to warm up for half of a mile by just briskly walking. After I was done, I pressed the stop button and the treadmill said, “Congratulations! Your workout is done!” I WISH. Thanks a lot, dumb treadmill. Did I mention how much I hate the treadmill? I got going on my three miles. I kept the distance low because I, in no means, want to push anything on my first day back with running. I also had to keep the speed at a slow pace. It felt painfully slow. I kept my towel hung over the screen so I did not see the time and distance moving at a snail’s pace. But guess what? It was not as bad as I was anticipating! If you have followed my love/hate relationship with running, you may remember that I have a bad habit of hopping off the of the treadmill. I am basically just procrastinating. I may take a sip of my drink or just stand there heaving. Yesterday I did not hop off once! And the best part? I never felt like I had to hop off the treadmill! That is HUGE for me. I even made myself take sips of my drink while I kept running. I also did not feel like I was going to die while I was running. I definitely thought I would be hating my life the entire duration of my run. Thank goodness my endurance has not completely been affected by my restrictions. I GUESS it was a good thing I listened to Ross and kept up with some cardio by using the rower and skier machines. I hate admitting he is right about something. ;)

Sooooo I guess I will continue cardio. It is not my favorite activity. This former cardio bunny loves her weights way too much. However, I do realize the benefits of doing cardio. I want to keep my heart healthy! Sure, I can keep up my heart rate with lifting but I still think we all need strictly cardio activities mixed into our exercise routines. A spin instructor once said in class we most likely need to do the activities we hate the MOST. For now, that activity is running for me. While I don’t have to love it, I will for sure putting in those miles.

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