My Summer Obsession

Wednesday has quickly become my favorite day of the week recently. It is farmer’s market day for me. This summer I started going to a local farmer’s market and I LOVE it. I am finally able to purchase farm fresh eggs again. For those of you that do not know me personally, my mom used to have over 100 chickens and we had a small egg business. I have blogged on the issue before but farm fresh eggs beat any store bought egg any day and everyday. They are so much healthier for you and taste 100 times better. Aside from the eggs, I have been buying a ton of veggies and fruit.

Do you frequent farmer’s markets? If you do not, please check them out! You can get locally grown products for really great prices. They may be slightly priced higher than your local grocery store but I would much rather support small farms than mass produced food. If I could live on some land and have my own chickens and a huge garden, I would do it in a heart beat. I would love to be one of those farmers bringing her fresh veggies and eggs to local markets!

I am going to show you what I have been doing with all of my fresh veggies. You only need a little time for prep but these meals could not be any simpler to make.


Here you see chopped up leeks, yellow pepper, yellow squash, zucchini and asparagus. Never tried leeks? They taste like a mild onion. I add oil to my pan- just enough to coat the bottom of your pan so the veggies do not stick while cooking. My go to oils are coconut, grape seed and olive oil. Add a bunch of chopped veggies and sauté them on medium heat until the veggies are soft. I like a bit of crunch to my veggies so I do not let them get too soft. I pair the veggies with grilled chicken mostly but they can be an added side to just about any meal. I like to make a lot at once because then I use the veggies in my scrambled eggs for another day.

I am not huge into meal prepping for a week but I do make big batches of food and eat them throughout the week. These sautéed veggies are a perfect example. If we are eating them with grilled chicken, I have my husband grill a lot of chicken at once so I can have it for the rest of the week. Another favorite meal of mine recently has been adding these veggies and grilled chicken to some brown rice noodles and a little pasta sauce. I tend to crave pasta after a heavy lifting day so this meal has been my go to treat this summer.

My advice to you? Find out when your local farmer’s markets are held and go visit them! Support those local farms. Their food is healthier than the mass produced food we get in the grocery stores. I am already looking forward to next week when I can buy myself a coffee from one of the vendors (my boys will be waiting for the doughnuts made fresh that day by the same vendor) and buy more farm fresh produce and eggs. I will be sad when they stop  hosting the markets in October. Summer is flying by so take advantage of the markets while you can! You do not have to be a gourmet chef to make these meals. They are simple and so good for you!


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