I’m Baaaaack!

Guess who got to join her boot camp class today?!?!?!? ME! Finally! My chiro gave me the go ahead to do whatever my little heart desires in the gym. It is a trial basis only, of course. I have not joined my class officially but I am sure I will be able to join again soon. He wants to make sure my leg/foot can tolerate movements that I have not been doing for SO LONG. Before class started, I weighed in. I wanted to see my weight (though I really do not care about that number) and my body fat percentage (THAT is the number I care about!). Let’s talk about that for a second. Women tend to obsess over their weight. I was one of them when I started my fitness journey. I mean really, what gym goer isn’t concerned about the scale, especially in the beginning? When I started boot camp I will admit I did not have a lot of weight to lose. It dropped easily (Please don’t hate me. I have struggled, too) and then it got to a point where Ross was telling me I had to eat more. Say what? Eat MORE? I have blogged on the issue of eating more back when we first started this page. Once I started eating more, I gained some weight but my body fat was lower. If you are going to work out intensely (or even work out at all), you NEED FOOD to fuel your body. So now whenever I weigh in, I quickly glance at the weight but zone in on that body fat number. It took me a long time to get to this point (and a lot of complaining to Ross) but I am happy with a bit more weight and lower body fat. I love the ripped look of muscles. If I want that body, it means gaining weight but lowering my body fat.

I knew my body fat was going to be higher from the last time I weighed in- which I think was right before my cruise in early June. I have gotten pretty good at guessing my body fat number. I also told my chiro last week that I knew he dropped his body fat into the single digits. He was thinking I was wrong but admitted to me this week that I was right. OF COURSE I WAS RIGHT. Ha. Anyways, I was only slightly bummed that my body fat was up. I do like to be a bit lower than it is right now. I try not to obsess about it too much because it is still low compared to the average. Plus, it is summer! I am much leaner in the cold months because there aren’t any cook outs! You have to live a little, right? I still live by the rule that I eat what I want when I want it. I tend to treat myself more in the summer so here is my theme for today:


It is Wednesday and I made sure we took a group shot after class! Ross basically killed us today with the heavy weight. I expected nothing less from him. Even when you are gone from class for a week, you feel it. My classmates can attest to that and I am SURE Stacy will attest to that as she was just on vacation for a week. So you can imagine how I felt today during class being gone for months. Ugh. The first round had squat presses. I HATE squat presses with heavy weight. I was using a set of dumb bells I NEVER would have DREAMED of using before I joined this class. The entire class was struggling today so I did not feel too terrible. Since we all were feeling a bit tired from class, we decided to just lie around for our picture today. We EARNED it.


As I was reracking my weights, a girl from another team fitness class called us rock stars. I told her how Ross killed us today and she responded by saying our class is an inspiration for her class. Hearing comments like that makes it all worthwhile and it is exactly why we do what we do.



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