Abs Progress!

Remember when I posted about my fluffy vacation abs? They are slowly getting better! I told you that I would update you with progress pics so I took some yesterday morning. It is hard to take pictures of yourself so you get some bathroom selfies today! I wasn’t sure there was much of a difference that would merit an update picture but I was mistaken! YAY!

photo 1-3

photo 2-4

It is slow progression but I will take it! I prefer to drop the junk a little slower because I have a better chance of it STAYING off. What have I been doing? Trying to avoid fast food at all costs. Sure, it happens but thankfully it is going back into the rare occasion category. I have also been eating a lot cleaner again. I have even been avoiding my beloved chips these past few days. I actually OD’d on some Dorito’s (I am a stress eater.) a couple weeks ago and grossed myself out. I have been avoiding chips ever since then. Ha. I am also drinking A LOT of water. My average is 100 ounces daily. I really only drink water and coffee each day. My husband and I have been enjoying a cocktail here and there together this summer but I do not drink often. I have also been keeping up with my work outs and JUST THIS WEEK am able to go back to my normal routine. Thank goodness! I am not a fan of supplements or replacement shakes. So I have been making progress by my healthy food choices and exercise ALONE. It may require more patience but it does work.

A couple days ago I came to the realization that I need to focus on goals again. Being on so many restrictions made me lose any kind of direction. The only goal I had while on my restrictions was to not lose too much of my endurance. Pretty sure I achieved that goal but time will tell when I do my first run on Monday with bootcamp. Ugh, so not looking forward to that class. I have been running on my own but it is nothing like what Ross makes us do on Mondays. At the end of October, I will be running a half marathon with Danny Wood’s (yes, from NKOTB!) Remember Betty team. It has been a couple years since I have run that distance. I am a little nervous doing a half after being injured for so long but I am still going for it! I am using this race to regain my focus. I will not perform well if I don’t keep up with my work outs or fuel my body properly. I would REALLLLLY like to run a sub 2 (under 2 hours ) half but this first race may not be the best time to go for a PR (personal record). I am ok with that. If anything, I just want to PR on my time- even if it is just a minute!

Almost gym time and my boys are not dressed! Time for this mama to stop blogging. ;)


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