Finding My Pace

Recently I signed up for a half marathon. As I have mentioned before, I have not raced that distance in about 2 years. Stacy is the stronger runner, by far, out of the two of us. Last week end I did my long run and it was terrible. I struggled the entire 7 miles. I had to walk often and my legs hurt the entire time. I have never had that happen to me before. The next day my hips were very sore. I felt pain if I flexed them ever so slightly. I was going to ditch our boot camp class but Ross convinced me to just run easy with Stacy. She had just finished running 20 miles over the week end with her Ragnar team. As soon as I heard what we were doing (hills), I told Ross I wasn’t participating and would just run. Well, I did not run. I barely jogged/walked 2 miles and then called it a day. It was upsetting me that my legs were giving out while my class mates were getting in a tough work out for the day. Thankfully I was visiting my chiro later the afternoon. He popped both hips (gross) and told me to just take it easy and attempt a longer run again on Wednesday (yesterday).

The run yesterday went a lot better. My hips were no longer hurting but I did feel some tightness in my legs. Something I noticed is that when I run on the treadmill like I did Wednesday, I drop my pace significantly lower than when I run naturally outside. When I am outside, I just run. I do not have a GPS watch but I do run with my phone and the Runkeeper app. I am able to see my current pace and overall pace when I am running outside. I run a lot faster when I am outside. However, like I saw Sunday, I am not able to hold that pace for very long. I feel like my body is fighting to gain back my old pace but I am not ready to run at that pace just yet. While I was on my running break, I was still strength training my legs. Lifting helped me tremendously because I am not exactly starting from square one again. I feel like my legs are strong enough to run pretty close to my old pace but the rest of my body is not there yet. I do not expect it to be ready right now either! Three months is a pretty significant break. It will take time to get my pace back.

Sooooo now I am thinking of dropping my half marathon down to a 10k. I can run the half marathon but I do not want a crappy finish time. I will be mad if it is slower than my previous two half marathons. I feel like if I drop down to a 10k, I can focus on getting my pace back rather than needing to spend most of my training time gaining distance. I know I will be happier in general if I can run at a quicker pace as opposed to a longer distance right now. I want to get my pace back and then once it is, I can focus on gaining distance. Make sense? I know we have some pretty serious runners out there. I would LOVE to have some feedback from you! Keep in mind, running is NOT my main focus. I have a pretty busy gym schedule with our boot camp class, boxing and lifting. Running is only a part of the puzzle. And hopefully I will be back in my roller derby class next month. I am also a mom to two young boys so I do not have the luxury of being able to walk out my door and go for a run whenever I feel like it. It is not like me to back down from a challenge but I feel like my plan may be a good one for this point in my life. So runners, please give me some feed back on what you would do!

The event I am running is at the end of October. I am running with a Komen team and I do have a fund raising page! I have surpassed my fundraising goal but I would LOVE to raise more money! The Komen team I hooked up with is doing great things for families affected by breast cancer. I am involved in another project with them that I will share with you next month. For now, it is on the down low but  it is exciting! If you have any means to donate to my fundraising team, I would greatly appreciate it! All donations, no matter what the amount is, will be a blessing to so many families affected by  breast cancer. If you can support my fundraising page, follow the link here. Thank you so much for your support!

Runners, start leaving me some comments! I need them!


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  1. My advice…enjoy…and if a shorter distance is going to make this enjoyable…then do what you love! 10K is my vote!

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