Flex Friday!

If you follow any fitness accounts on social media, you have most likely seen a flex Friday post. It is the trendy thing to do if you have a fitness account. I decided to try one out myself on our Instagram account last week and it got quite a few likes! On Wednesday I had our bootcamp class do a flex Friday picture for all of you. Here it is!


Look at me working the camera! Haha! A couple of the ladies pictured joined our class while I was on all of my restrictions. Other wise, I have worked out with the rest of the girls for a long time. I love seeing how our work outs have changed our fitness levels and bodies. The cool thing about our class is that we are very encouraging and complimentary to one another. Honestly, I am surprised we were able to pose for this picture after class. Ross tends to go through phases of what he has us do in class. Stacy was just saying the other day that the current trend is AWFUL. All of the work outs recently have been AWFUL. Don’t get me wrong, we love the awful work outs……when we are finished. I am writing this post before I head off to the gym this morning and I am praying we have a leg day! I am not sure my upper body can handle anymore weight for the week! I am even sore on my ribs. WHAT IS THAT?!?! But at the same time I do not want to totally overdo anything with my legs because I still need to bust out 8 miles of running this week end. Such is life, I guess!

On another note, we realized this week that we never announced the winner of our Swirlgear giveaway! The winner is Elizabeth B. who will get to choose an item of her choice from Swirlgear! Congrats, Elizabeth!

Happy Friday, everyone! Got any flex Friday posts for me? Add your link in the comments if you do!


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