Lost My Mojo

Yesterday I had one of those days at the gym. As soon as I got to the gym, I did not feel right. I did not feel sick but something just felt out of place. Actually, something felt off as soon as I put on my work out capris. They fit differently from the last time I wore them. I do not weigh myself often but I know my body well. I can usually tell where my body fat percentage is without even stepping on the scale. My body has not changed much since I last wore these capris so WHO KNOWS. However, it was just the beginning.

Stacy and I had a lifting session with our trainer. We do these sessions every other week. I would do them daily if I could but my job pays in love, cuddles and melt downs. ;) We keep the cost down by doing a small group session with Ross every other week. It is important to us so we came up with a schedule that best fits our needs and pocket books. If you lift weights, you know the following statement to be true: some days you feel strong and some days you feel like you can’t lift to save your life. I felt like the latter yesterday. That nagging of something not feeling right continued during our lifting session. The bar felt heavy. One of the lifts we were doing was snatches. (Refer to the second video in this link.) Before I got hurt waaaaay back in the winter/spring, I was good at snatches. The first time Ross introduced me to them, I quickly progressed to snatching 85lbs in just one hour. When I was on all of my restrictions due to my injury, I was not able to lift heavy. I had to take a break and LOST MY SNATCH. Yesterday, I struggled snatching just the bar at 45lbs. UGH. Want a humbling experience? Get injured and try to come back to your normal routine. We ended our session with some cleans and jerks. Head back to that link I posted for the snatch. The first video shows a clean and jerk. I was doing fine and then I hit my chin with the bar. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!? I now have a nice little bar rash under my chin. Lovely. Thankfully, you can’t see it unless I tip my head back to show you my battle wound. Haha.


I have plans to do a long run with Stacy on Thursdays so I doubled up my work outs yesterday so I could box this week. Boxing is the one class where I can usually zone out and just enjoy it. I have been doing it a long time and love it. Talk about therapy! Stressed out? Put on some gloves and beat up a bag! Ross incorporates a lot of other gym equipment into our boxing classes- the rowers, skiers, TRX, kettle bells, etc. One exercise he often includes is box jumps. Jumps are another area where I am struggling since my injury. I used to be able to jump on our highest box and now I am back at the middle level. Yet another humbling experience. I was the only one yesterday that had to move the box to a lower level and I hate it. I have attempted the high box recently. I got up there but it was still pretty shaky. I also tweaked my hip during one of the high jump attempts so back to the middle height I shall stay for a while.

Running is another area where I am struggling- distance in particular. I have my half marathon at the end of October and I don’t feel anywhere near ready to complete the distance. I have had some really BAD long runs recently. I have only completed two half marathons but when I trained for them, the long runs were actually fun. I always amazed myself that I was actually able to complete a long distance (for me) and get through them with ease. This training schedule is different. I am struggling with each long run.

I feel like this post is just me whining! Haha, maybe it is but my point in sharing it is to show you that we are all human, even fitness bloggers. We all have bad days and we all have struggles. Maybe you are just starting out at the gym and feel a little lost on where to start. Maybe, like me, you are coming back from an injury and are fighting to feel “normal” again with your work outs. My set backs are discouraging but they are only short term. I will not let them get to me. I will continue to do my best each day with my work outs. Don’t let doubt and fear get the best of you. KEEP GOING! Keep fighting for your health. You are worth it and you will thank yourself for it.


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