I Didn’t Lose My Stomach!

Stacy and I went for a 10 mile run yesterday. I did NOT want to do it. At all. I had the slightest head ache yesterday and was secretly hoping it would turn into a migraine so I didn’t have to run. Pathetic right?!?!? Orrrr, maybe just human. My last long run was really, REALLY bad. The kind of bad that makes you question everything. Why do I run? Why did I sign up for that half marathon? Why do I even work out?? Surprisingly, it went okay! One of the reasons that one run went so badly was because I got runner’s stomach. If you are a distance runner, you are familiar with runner’s stomach. If you are not familiar with it. THANK YOUR LUCKY STARS!!!!! I switched up my nutrition for the run yesterday and was able to get out in the morning as opposed to the afternoon. When we got the run done, I kept waiting for my stomach to tell me what she thought of that long run. She never disagreed- yay! Because my stomach was ok throughout the run, I was able to get through the run quicker and happier. It was not perfect (had to stop for a bloody toe) but I felt a whole lot better about running and being able to complete my half in October. So all of that whining I did on Wednesday? Still felt good to get it all out there. ;) And like I said in my whiny post, I want you to see we all have bad days. We all have doubts and struggles. The important thing to is not let those struggles get the best of us. Keep fighting for your goals and yourself!

As I mentioned recently, Ross has a new theme for all of our work outs- awful. He has really been putting us through the ringer lately and we are sore. A new thing we have going on is homework. He gives us a work out for the week and let me tell you, they are anything but pleasant. This week’s homework involves using the SkiErg machine for a total of THREE MILES. It is only a portion of the work out! I am not kidding when I say that man is evil. He did the work out himself this week and admitted he kind of hated himself while he was doing it. GOOD. :) I have not done it yet this week but everyone else has said it is truly awful. SO looking forward to it! I will leave you for the week with our latest Flex Friday picture!


I am kind of hiding in this picture but look at the guns on my classmates! Guess those awful work outs are paying off after all! Just don’t tell Ross I admitted that…… ;)


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