Fit Chick Snack

I have a new snack obsession that I am going to share with you today. It is super simple to make and super good to eat! I am a late night snacker. Yes, I know it is not good for me to eat so late in the evening but I can’t go to bed hungry. Want a snap shot into my life? Here ya go! That would be me, every night- sitting on the couch with a blanket and eating a snack.



Stacy actually gave me the idea for this snack when I first tried PB2. I make mine only slightly different these days. Here is what I do: slice a banana, hydrate the PB2 with a little almond milk, sprinkle hemp hearts and then eat. Stacy originally told me to slice the banana, drizzle the PB2 on it and then freeze it. I have tried it and it is really good. If you decide to try it frozen, put some wax paper down on your plate first. However, I have been eating it without freezing it all because I am WAY too impatient to wait for my snack to freeze. I am not good at planning my meals or snacks. I am more of a I am hungry right now, what can I eat kind of person. :)

A note on the PB2: I used 2 TBS. You can use water to hydrate it but I prefer to use almond milk. It does not affect the taste at all so use whatever you prefer. Add a little bit of liquid gradually- enough to achieve your desired thickness of the PB2.

Some of you may be wondering about the hemp hearts I mentioned. I will be posting about them next week! Stay tuned!


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