Hemp Hearts Review And Recipes

I was given the chance to review Manitoba Harvest’s hemp hearts through Fit Approach. I received a 2 oz bag of the hemp hearts. I honestly did not know much about hemp before I received my hemp hearts. I learned through Manitoba Harvest’s website that the entire hemp plant can be used. Products such as hemp oil and hemp protein powder can be made. The top of the plant has seeds and that is what is used to make the hemp hearts. Hemp has a nutty flavor. No, you will not test positive for a drug test if you eat hemp! To learn a little more about hemp, click here. We were told to be creative with our hemp hearts and that we could sprinkle them on just about anything.

I got my hemp hearts the day I was making chicken salad for my lunch. I eyed the bag and thought why not? I added some hemp hearts to my chicken salad. It added a nice little crunch and turned out great!


Want a yummy and easy chicken salad recipe? Here you go!

Chicken Salad

  • shredded cooked chicken (1-2 chicken breasts)
  • avocado (start with half and add more as desired. I use in place of mayo)
  • red onion, chopped
  • pepper (I used yellow because I had it in my refrigerator), chopped
  • dried cranberries or cherries (I LOVE adding a little sweetness to my chicken salad)
  • 1-2 TBS hemp hearts

Add all of the ingredients together. I did not give you measurements of the onion, pepper and cranberries (or cherries) because I just eye ball what I need. I start with my chicken, add the desired amount of avocado and then just add the rest of the ingredients. I added the hemp hearts last. Again, use as little or as much as you want. I wanted to taste the crunchy hemp so I added closer to 2 TBS.

I also sprinkled the hemp hearts on my oatmeal. Here I have 1/4 cup of quick oats, 1/2 cup almond milk. I microwaved for 2 minutes and then added 1 tsp chopped cacao nibs (basically chocolate!), raspberries and 1 TBS hemp hearts. It was really good!


I also sprinkled the hemp hearts on a favorite snack of mine that I have shared on here recently. I slice a banana (freeze the slices for a while if you want a frozen treat) and then drizzle it with hydrated PB2. I just use 2 TBS of  PB2 and add a little almond milk until I get my desired consistency. Sprinkle the hemp hearts on top and it tastes like a little sundae!


I think my little fit girl sundae was probably my favorite way to use the hemp hearts! I liked the crunch and it is way healthier than going to McDonald’s to get a sundae with nuts (yes, I will admit to loving their sundaes). I prefer salty snacks as opposed to sweet snacks but this snack is a little of both!

Want to try the hemp hearts or other products from Manitoba Harvest? Check out http://manitobaharvest.com and use the code HHSweatPink14 for a 20% discount! That code expires November 30, 2014.

If you are creative in the kitchen, you can incorporate hemp hearts into your healthy recipes, share your pictures and then tag @manitboaharvest. Use the hashtags #Hemphearts and #sweatpink in your post to be entered to win a alb bag of hemp hearts! Contest runs until November 30, 2014.

As stated above, I was given a bag of hemp hearts from Manitoba Harvest through Fit Approach. All thoughts are my own. 


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