Dumb Luck

Is this year over yet?!?!? This past year has revolved around a theme for me: dumb luck. If you have been following us for some time, you know I have had my share of injuries. Back in the early spring, I was seeing the chiropractor for inflamed ligaments in my calf/foot. About the time I was finishing my treatment, I started feeling some elbow pain. I decided to not mention it to the chiro because I was tired of going to his office ALL OF THE TIME. I didn’t want to get sucked into another long treatment plan so I kept my mouth shut about the nagging pain. Sure did learn my lesson with my calf/foot, huh? Nope. Fast forward to summer and I finally admitted to my chiro about the elbow. He periodically taped my arm with Rock Tape. The rock tape was used to support the muscles around my elbow while I worked out. It helped but the pain never went away. I do not feel pain while I work out, hence why I waited so long to tell my chiro about the elbow. However, I realized that even resting my upper body did not make the pain go away. Sigh. Time for another exam and treatment plan.

I had an x-ray and MRI done recently on my elbow. My bones look great but I have a partial tear in a tendon. As my chiro delivered the bad news, he kept giving me that look- the I know you are going to freak on me any minute look. I actually took it quite well- probably just shock. It really didn’t hit me until a week later when I was running on the treadmill near my boxing class. Why wasn’t I in boxing? I have a no upper body restriction. I begged to use super light weights for now and was shot down. No upper body. I can’t even do my beloved dead lifts because that lift would put strain on my arm. I am actually quite limited on what I can do in the gym if you compare it to what I was doing before the x-ray and MRI.

I am a terrible patient. I am supposed to wear a soft cuff thing all of the time. I can take it off if I am sitting around or sleeping. I do fairly well at wearing it. Scratch that- just realized it fell to my wrist. Who knows how long it has been like that as I have on two sweatshirts right now. I am also supposed to be icing my elbow three times a day. I feel like I deserve a medal when I remember to ice my elbow. I was told I am not a candidate for surgery but I almost feel like not doing surgery makes for a more difficult recovery. With surgery, you have an obvious physical reason for resting. Yes, I still have a physical reason to rest my arm but it still feels good enough to be tempted to use it.

Needless to say, I am frustrated. I just want to lift weights. It is my therapy and one of my most favorite things to do. How did I injure it? No idea. There was not one thing/event/whatever where I remember hurting my elbow. I am not even convinced I did it in the gym. My chiro explained that the tendon was torn with my forearm turned inwards. I can’t think of anything I do in the gym that would mimic that motion so my dumb luck strikes again. It was probably something random. He did say that because of my work outs, I will probably recover faster than the average person with this injury. Did you know that regular exercise helps you recover quicker? Ever start working out or try something new and complain about being sore the next couple of days? KEEP DOING IT. Your body gets used to the routine and learns to recover at a quicker pace. Sure, there are some tricks to the trade to help the recovery process move along but continuing to exercise makes your body all around stronger and healthier. Hello?!?!? OF COURSE IT DOES. 

So for now, I will continue to do my cardio (guess I am going to stop hating on running) and lower body exercises. I can do all of the weight machines for legs. I can do some lighter weight back squats and I can do abs. I almost feel sorry for those that work out with me (sorry Stacy and Ross- you will get the brunt of my tirades!) and my poor husband. I predict some frustration ahead. But I also predict some rocking quads and glutes in my future. :)


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    • Thanks, Sue! There is a silver lining. It opened up my gym schedule a bit so now I can go to an open skate on Friday mornings. I have no time for my roller derby class and miss skating! It is good to be back on wheels once a week!

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