How was your Thanksgiving? I hope it was filled with good food and greater company. My husband was on shift for the day so my boys and I went to my step mom’s house. It was a huge gathering of family and A LOT of food. I made a really great salad with mixed greens, pear, dates, walnuts, pomegranate, dried cranberries and goat cheese. Most people get excited for the Thanksgiving desserts but I much rather go up for seconds on mashed potatoes. In fact, I DID go up for second helpings of mashed potatoes and sweet potato casserole. I eat fairly clean but I am not going to skimp on any food during the holidays. Sadly, the day after Thanksgiving was spent in bed with either a stomach virus or my stomach did not like all of the rich foods I ate the previous evening. Yuck.

Yesterday while I was running a treadmill work out that we did last week in boot camp, I decided to share the work out with you. If you are anything like me, you may or may not need to do some cardio sessions to get rid of the Thanksgiving leftovers (see what I did there?). Most of our treadmill work outs involve us getting off the machine in between rounds to do some exercises with weights. If you prefer to not do the weighted exercises, you can replace them with body weight exercises such as squats, lunges or jumps. Warning, I look REALLY crazy after I do this work out. A fellow gym regular stopped me yesterday and asked why I was so sweaty and red. Um, hello, have we met? I look like that ANY time cardio is involved. I am not a cute runner. I am a hot mess runner. Note: I am still not able to do any exercises with my right arm due to a partial tear in my elbow so my exercises were only done with my left hand. I may be injured but I still come to the gym and get work done.

Round One Sprint .15 miles (notice the decimal before the numbers, people!). You then hop off onto the sides and hit pause for 30 seconds. Be sure to watch your timer. Once 30 seconds has passed, hit enter and sprint again for .15 miles. You will sprint in round one eight times so you will be running. 1.2 miles total.

With a weighted dumbbell/free weight/whatever you want to call it, you will do 20 squat presses (10 presses on each arm). Make sure you are squatting low! Skimp out on form and skimp out on results.

Round Two Sprint .3 miles for a total of four times. You will hit pause for a full minute in between each sprint. Do not let your timer get to zero or the machine will turn off. Again, you are running for a total of 1.2 miles.

Grab your weight and do 20 snatches, 10 on each arm. If you do not know how to do snatches, pick another exercise. I do not recommend attempting snatches unless you have been shown the proper form. Try weighted lunges. If doing lunges, I would grab two weights so you are even on each side.

Round Three Repeat round one. Going back to sprinting .15 miles feels like a break compared to sprinting .3 miles. Sprinting .3 miles is just long enough for me to start looking at my treadmill, wondering when I am going to be done.

Grab your weight and do 10 squat presses and then 20 snatches (10 on each arm). Again, omit snatches and do something else or you are not familiar with snatches.

A word on sprints: notice I did not mention my speed. My sprint is probably not going to be the same as your sprint. We all run at different abilities and fitness levels. Just know that you should be making a hard effort while sprinting. Remember how I was asked why I was so sweaty and red? Work for it! I did bring down my speed slightly when I sprinted in round two. Do what is comfortable for you.

A word on the weights: I also did not share what weight I used for my exercises. We boot campers are used to using weights on the heavier side. Do not be afraid to pick up some weight but do not attempt anything that may result in injury. Trust me, restrictions stink. If it feels like the weight is going to fly out of your hands when you press it, the weight is too light. Remember these weights will go over your head so please be mindful of your weight selection.

Since I am running more than usual during my right arm restriction, I would love to have some more treadmill work outs. I know we have some readers out there that are regular runners. Got any good ones to share with me?


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