Catching Up…

I can’t believe we haven’t blogged in almost a week! Missy has been on a family vacation and I also took an impromptu road trip (for a long weekend) last week. In all the craziness, we both decided we needed to focus on family and take a short blogging hiatus. (We hope to be back at it now, but may be a little inconsistent through the holidays.)


If you know me personally or have followed the blog for awhile, you know that it takes a lot to keep me away from the gym and knock me out of my workout routine. Unfortunately, the past month this has been the case. Remember me running the Avengers half marathon almost a month ago? That was officially the last time I ran until yesterday. With the exception of post surgery late last year, this has been my longest running layoff since I began running. And lifting? Didn’t touch a bar for over a month. (In fact, I sadly realized recently that my calloused hands were getting soft. Nooooo!) I am not happy about this, and I am not in a place to share a lot of details, but lets just say perfect storm – injury, some medical issues and grieving a loss in the family. Today was the first day I had the “okay” to hit the gym with no restrictions whatsoever.

I had very low expectations for this run. I actually planned to complete it as a run/walk and just survive. I was slow, but actually not as slow as I expected while making it to five miles with no walk breaks. Small victories. (Edit: I am now, however, VERY SORE!!)

In the midst of all the crazy, I somehow managed to miss my window of opportunity to defer my registration for Disney’s Dopey challenge next month. For those of you unfamiliar with this, it is a 5K, 10K, half marathon and full marathon on four consecutive days. We have all of our travel booked and paid, not to mention the ridiculous cost of the registration itself. It will not be pretty, but my plan at this point is to attempt this event. I know I cannot “make up” miles at this point. I had trained up to 16 miles prior to my “break” and plan to jump back into long runs this weekend (with lots of walk breaks I am sure) and next weekend before still tapering properly. I’m sure I will be less than pleased with my race times, but I am stubborn and can’t fathom the idea of going down to Florida and just vacationing when I should be running.


On a bright note. my return to the gym has been just what the doctor ordered. I have heard many horror stories of people having a difficult time getting back into the routine after a layoff. My biggest secret fear was that I would enjoy sitting around. Thankfully, this could not have been farther from the truth. Working out is my “happy place” and I struggled on many levels with that missing from my life.

Have you ever taken a month (or more) off and tried to jump right back in? If you are a gym rat like Missy and myself, how long can you miss without starting to go crazy? Anyone else running the Dopey challenge?



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