Catching Up

Helllloooooo!!!! Feels like forever since I have posted. I meant to do it yesterday but completely spaced out. I ran errands instead. My in laws took us to Disney World recently and ever since then I have been running around like a mad woman catching up on this and that: catching up on the TONS of homework my oldest son got while we were on vacation (that we didn’t get until AFTER we came back- ggrrr), catching up on my Christmas shopping, cleaning, laundry, you name it. So I will stick with that theme and catch you up on me. I talked to a couple of you readers lately and received some questions about my injury and what I have been doing.

I am still plugging along with my chiro treatments. We have moved to the part of the treatment where I need to start some gentle stretching on my arm. My chiro kept stressing the word gentle. He knows me well. I do not like to do anything gently when I exercise. I HATE to stretch. A second MRI will probably be ordered within this coming month to see if there is any improvement in the tear. I can tell there is a slight improvement in there. I am able to do things a little better (like turn my arm to empty a pot) than I was before I knew I had the tear.

I am also still plugging along with my work outs. Being able to only use one arm significantly limits my activities but I am still going to the gym more days than not and still doing SOMETHING. I could very easily skip the gym and run my millions of errands or pretend to clean my house while I instead check out Facebook. I could use the excuse of my injury to not touch a weight when in actuality I should still be lifting. My chiro is making sure the muscles in my hurt arm are not contracting but it is up to me to keep my left arm healthy. Exercise is not a chore for Stacy and me, it is a part of our lifestyle. If you have read any of our posts, I am sure you already knew that. :) We do not view our training as something we HAVE to do but rather something we WANT and NEED to do- huge difference there.

Since I can’t attend the bulk of my classes, I have been mostly on my own. I actually kind of like the break from my routine, for now. I have been able to talk to other regulars. I also just recently found an open (roller) skate on Friday mornings and have been going there instead of the gym. I am actually going to blog on it in the near future. It is an amazing and eye opening experience for me. I am also going to drag Stacy to the rink with me one week.

Going to be very honest with you right now- I am actually still debating on whether or not I am going to the gym today. Haha. Here I sit saying I do not make excuses but……. I AM SO SORE and I have a million things to do today! So yes, life does happen. There are times when we just can’t make it BUT those times are rare. I was very unkind to my legs on Tuesday. Stacy and I had a heavy leg day with Ross. Those sessions usually leave us pretty sore for a couple of days but I also had the chance to skate with my Derby Lite girls Tuesday night. I can no longer attend the weekly Tuesday night sessions so when the chance opened up, I was on it! Let me just give you a fair warning for any fellow lifters or skaters: heavy leg days and skating do not mix well. I almost got really brave and did an ice bath last night but chickened out and just iced my legs instead. So needless to say, I will not be joining my new friends at open skate this morning because my legs are still not happy with me. They need to rest. Here I am back to the inner debate: gym or no gym? Time for me to get off the computer. I have a lot to do today and the gym is up first.



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