New Year, New Challenges

Happy New Year! I greet you from the very frozen land of Illinois. We are rocking our SECOND no school day due to the cold. Cartoons are on so I can blog this morning. Did you read Stacy’s post about resolutions? I could have written it myself. She and I have pretty much the exact same views about resolutions. If resolutions are your thing, then great! Stick to them! We all need a motivator. If I want a change in my life, I am more of the why wait way of thinking. If I want to change something, I do it right away. I saw a lot of mention on social media in late December about how diets would change and work outs would happen come January 1st. I even saw a friend mention how she couldn’t wait to eat better in January. WHY WAIT? Sure, the holiday season does bring parties and yummy food. I get it. I indulged, as well. But I still ate well the majority of the day. The beauty of having a mostly clean diet is that you have a little more fudge room to indulge and it doesn’t really affect your weight.

The new year has inspired me to try a new challenge, however. I mentioned to Stacy that we should each try something new with the new year. I decided that I want to try meal prep. I see the numerous posts on Instagram of all the little boxes of food. I follow quite a few fitness competitors and they ALL meal prep. Meal prep always kind of fascinated me because I am a creature of habit. I can happily eat the same thing over and over again. So instead of blogging about a New Year’s resolution, I will be sharing my newbie experiences on meal prep with you guys. When the decision was made, I promptly renewed my Costco membership that I had let slide in July and was on my way to buy a lot of chicken and produce.


Here are the spoils from my first meal prep shopping trip. WHAT am I going to do with all of that food? I got on Pinterest and started searching for meal prep recipes. I quickly decided that I would only meal prep breakfast, lunch and snacks. It is just too much planning and cooking to do dinner, as well. Plus, I try to cook family meals that include something my kids will eat and I knew they would not eat the same lean meat and veggies every night for a week.

I will be honest. The actual prepping of all of the food stinks. It is a pain in the bootie. However, having it all ready to eat throughout the week is awesome! I love it! Having lunch ready is a huge thing for my husband and me. I can easily make myself some eggs for lunch but sometimes I am running errands during the lunch hour. It was nice to heat up a meal and eat it in the car. For my husband, I really like meal prep. He tends to make lunch decisions at the last minute when he is starving. Those last minute decisions often turn into junk for ALL of us so I am happy to have a healthy meal ready for him. I also like having the snacks prepped, too. I keep a lot of healthy snacks in the house because I am eating all day. However, I noticed that I stuck to my healthy snacks rather than junky chips. Because I was eating food that I had planned and prepared in advanced, I found it a lot easier to stick to clean eating. Guess what else I noticed? My holiday bloat is steadily disappearing! YAY! HUGE point for meal prep there!

Next time I will share some meal prep recipes with you. If anything, maybe my experiences will encourage you to try some meal prep of your own! Do any of you meal prep? Do you have links to favorite recipes? I would love to see them!


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