I have reached the two month point in my injury recovery. If you do not keep up with us or are new here, I have a partial tear in my right elbow. I basically have to treat my right arm like it doesn’t exist. No movement what so ever. Actually, I have graduated to a little band work on that arm. I can’t use the bands at the gym. I have to use my chiro’s theraband. Things are actually going very well with the arm. I have been a fairly good patient and have not used that arm at all. My beloved deadlifts? Gone. Cleans and presses under the bar? Nope. My chiro said I will be able to do some weight bearing with that arm soon. He saw the look of excitement on my face when he said WEIGHTS. WEIGHTS!!!!! He quickly said it would be weight training with him in his office. I’ll take what I can get at this point.

When I found out I had a tear, a couple of my gym buddies joked about my luck. We all wondered how long it would take before I did something to my legs since I can basically only work out my lower body. Ummmm, took about 2 months. Sigh. I have a bad history with my hips. They are very tight. They do not like to move like normal hips. In fact, my chiro even said I am way too young for him to be seeing what he sees in my hips. Right before Christmas I had some pain in my right hip. By the next day, I could not lift my leg. Like AT ALL. I could not sit. Want a humbling experience? Have someone else dress you because you physically cannot put on your underwear or pants. This lovely experience came at the absolute worst time. I was at a wake and funeral for a very dear family friend. There was no way I was going to not be there. Because of the timing, I really couldn’t get into my chiro so I let my husband take me to the ER. I was misdiagnosed but they at least got me through the rest of the week end with pain meds and a muscle relaxer. There is basically a nerve stuck in my hip. I was told no lower body at the gym. Uh, WHAT?!?!?! What am I supposed to do???? I had to take it easy (the busy holiday season actually helped me rest my hip) and then I was able to walk briskly on the treadmill. I think I rather gouge out my eyes than walk on the treadmill. I can’t do it. If you are a walker, awesome! Keep it up! I just hate the treadmill in the first place so I want to be done as quickly as possible.

I am not being as good with my legs as I am with my arm. Last week I had a very bad day. I had not been to the gym yet so once my husband got home from work, I made a bee line for the gym. Walking briskly on the treadmill was not gonna cut it so I went to my happy place- the bar. I squatted even though I was not supposed to do it. Heavy weights have become my therapy. I kept it lighter than I am used to and I cut the work out short. I even told my chiro at my next appointment. I also begged for something else to do. Pretty sure he heard the desperation in my voice so he said I could jog. I told him I would stay away from the bar (for now) if I could at least do something more than just walk.

Where am I now? Bored. And frustrated. When I was first told I could do no upper body because of the tear, I should have taken away a day at the gym. This hip thing happened because my legs were over used. I was too stubborn to temporarily let go of a gym day to save my legs. I like to be at the gym 5 days a week. If I could swing 6, I would but week ends get pretty busy with the kids. I should have dropped down to four days right away. I am pretty limited on what I can do so dropping a day makes sense. Swallowing this lesson is a hard one for me. I am tired of being restricted. I am tired of being injured. I want to be done with it and go back to my activities. Once I am free, I will go about my training a bit differently. I like to power lift (add as much weight as you can) but I think I will try to stay a bit light for a while. I will naturally have to lift lighter weights in the beginning because my right arm has lost a lot of strength. But I think I will try to stick with some lighter weights on my lower body once that restriction is gone. If I have learned anything these past two months, I guess I have learned that I need to take it easy from time to time.

Have any of you been on significant restrictions? Did you go crazy? What did you do to switch up your routine and your focus?

I will leave you with a picture collage of the things I am missing most right now. Really laying on the dramatics, huh? ;)



4 thoughts on “Bored

    • Been there, done that injury, Heather. Did I mention I have had a string of bad luck this past year? :) I hope you heal quickly!

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your injury. I can totally relate. I was recently in a car accident and have been restricted to physical therapy three times a week, yoga and spin class at a very low intensity. It’s very frustrating when you’re used to being able to do much more. Good luck with your recovery!

    • Oh no! So glad you are okay. I hope your recovery goes well. You are exactly right- so frustrating when you are used to doing more. Best of luck to you as you heal.

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