Review of Asics Gel Fit Sana

I received the Asics GEL Fit Sana training shoe as part of a FitFluential campaign. This shoe is meant to be a cross-training shoe. I felt like it would be a perfect shoe for boot camp where I like to wear a “lighter” shoe for more agility.

The hardest part about testing and reviewing these shoes was selecting which color to get! It comes in seven different color combinations. My other Asics are very loud and bright, so in the end I decided to stick with something a little more subdued for these shoes. I felt like this color choice would also make it more usable as an “everyday” shoe should I choose to wear it that way.


The first thing I noticed when I tried these shoes on is that they fit like a glove. They are made from a stretchable mesh material that is meant to feel like a sock. The support bands in these shoes adjust to your foot as well, making them feel almost like a custom fit shoe. The other thing I immediately noticed is that they are both supportive and light. As someone who has lived through foot issues the past two years, I have found that these two things do not usually go together. Supportive typically means heavy and clunky. Light typically means no support, and for me, a shoe I can’t wear. This shoe truly seemed to hit the mark on both. I couldn’t wait to try it out at the gym! In fact, these shoes arrived right after I got home from the gym and it was like torture to sit and look at them during my scheduled rest day. I just might have a slight addiction to new workout shoes!

I tried these shoes first while going for a short walk at the local track with my mom. The first thing I noticed about them was, as I mentioned, they are light. They are possibly the lightest workout shoes I have ever owned. Despite the lightweight, I still felt like they offered a lot of cushioning. These shoes are specifically not meant for running, but I felt there was plenty of support for a shorter walk.


The second time I tried the shoes was during my boot camp class yesterday. I am still taking some time off of running post-marathon, so I was on a row machine for cardio day. I really liked rowing in these shoes. I felt like the flexibility was a benefit and the foot straps seemed to stay in place on the rower more than they do with my other (bulkier) shoes. We also did some weights worked into our circuit and the shoes were great for a moderate lifting day as well.  I really liked the flexibility of the shoe when I was doing lunges as well.  I felt that the movement of my foot was completely unrestricted.


I found these shoes to be so comfortable that I actually put them back on after my workout (with my jeans) before heading to work! These shoes will definitely make their way into my gym shoe rotation.

Have you tried the Asics Gel Fit Sana? Do you have different shoes for different workouts?

This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of ASICS.

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  1. How does the size run? It looks like it has a narrow toe box. If I were to order these (and I want to!) would I purchase my regular size or go up a half size?

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