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Last week I shared with you my first attempt at homemade skin care. I have since tried several other things, some of which have gone better than others. Last week I made attempted bath bombs with my mom and niece. We had fun making them, and they looked reasonably like a pretty Lush bath bomb when we first finished.

The making of the bath bombs

The making of the bath bombs


But then they grew. We reformed them and they grew some more. By the next morning this is what we found…



So needless to say, we will be looking for a new recipe since this one didn’t work so well!

Our second project was laundry detergent. After last week’s post, I started chatting with a friend, Vivianna, about the products she makes and uses in her home. She had so many great suggestions and recipes that I thought I would just share them with you directly!

I have not had a chance to try all of these yet, but definitely plan to. I did make the laundry soap last week!


Laundry Soap

1 c borax

1 c washing soda

1 bar of either kirks castile soap or Fels Naptha


Grate the bar of soap very fine or put in food processor to make it fine. Add borax and washing soda and mix well (Aprox. 5 min) so that it’s well blended. Use 1-2 tablespoons per load depending on how soiled your clothes are. You can also use white distilled vinegar for a fabric softener instead of liquid softener or dryer sheets. Or use dryer balls….I do both the vinegar and the dryer balls.

Vivianna's laundry soap

Vivianna’s laundry soap


Natural All-Purpose Cleaner


1 to 1 1 1/2 teaspoons of tea tree essential oil, add to an 8oz spray bottle and fill the rest with water . Shake well before each use just to make sure the oil is evenly distributed when you spray.



Automatic Dishwashing Soap

1 c washing soda

1/2 c borax

1/2c baking soda


Combine all ingredients and mix well. Place In a well sealed jar (like a mason jar). Use 1 1/2-2 tablespoons for your load of dishes (you may have to play around with the amount – it just depends on your water if you have soft or hard water)

You can also use 2-3 drops of lemon essential oils Use 1/2c of white vinegar as a rinsing agent.


Please note that Vivianna credits the following ideas/recipes to Mom’s Aware, a great site to check out for healthy living.


General Cleaning


Keep spray bottles of white vinegar (diluted, if desired) with added essential oil on hand for wiping counters and appliances. Lime makes a great addition to vinegar.


Keep cotton cloths in a jar of diluted castile soap to have on hand for spills or wiping. Add any essential oil of your choice for enhanced scent.


For granite countertops, a solution of liquid castile soap and water is recommended. Because of its acidic nature, white vinegar can cause etching (dulling) of the granite. The cleaning cloths soaked in diluted castile soap work nicely for this.


For stainless steel appliances, combine 3 tbsp. baking soda with enough water to make a nice paste. Rub mixture over the surface with a sponge or damp cloth. Rinse with water, or spray and wipe with white vinegar. To polish, rub olive oil over surface. If the surface is too shiny, wipe with a paper towel or dry cloth.


Do you think being chemical free makes a difference? What have you tried or changed in your home? Which of these recipes would you like to try? I have several people that have asked me about homemade shampoo.  No one seems to have a good recipe.  If YOU do, I would love to hear from you! I am also looking for good bath bomb recipes. :)

Thanks to Vivianna for all the help with today’s post!





About Vivianna:

I’m Vivianna Matthews, a wife and mother of two. We homeschool, and we love living chemical free! We have been living chemical free for the last 2 1/2 years. While it is always a learning process we enjoy seeing the benefits to our health. We’ve seen things from our skin and allergies, to respiratory issues get cleared up from chemical free living. Our journey to chemical free living started when our son (our youngest) was struggling from eczema My sister-in-law encouraged me to try natural laundry soap. While this didn’t clear up his skin completely there was a significant change in his eczema! We also learned in the process that he has a dairy allergy. With making those dietary changes, and chemical free changes in our home I am happy to say he no longer suffers from eczema. We have seen so many benefits in our own over all health that we know for our family we are on the right track with natural and chemical free living. Like I said, it is a learning process, and it’s not always easy, but I’m certain if you make that change you will see it’s worth it!

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