Drank The Kool Aid

As Stacy mentioned last week, she and I have recently gotten into essential oils. I am falling hard, people. Love them. My husband totally makes fun of me because he knows how I operate. Oils are quickly becoming my new obsession. But like the good husband that he is, Jason is just rolling with it. I mean, what else can he do? ;) For Christmas, my mom got me a lovely diffuser from Young Living and some oils to get me started. I am now obsessed with finding ways to use my oils in recipes on Pinterest. I am no oil expert. I do not plan to sell oils. I am a wholesale member of Young Living but I do not participate in the essential rewards plan (for now) so I am getting nothing by promoting the company. If fact, I have bought oils from Now Essential Oils at Whole Foods. I do know that when buying oils, you need to check the label to make sure it has not been diluted. So if you are buying peppermint oil, for example, make sure the label saying 100% pure peppermint oil. If they list anything else, the oil has been diluted.

What am I doing with these oils? I am going to share a few ways that I am using them daily. First, I have added lemon oil to my cleaning. I LOVE the smell of lemon. Lemon is a purifier so its a great oil to use while cleaning. I do not buy cleaning products. I make my own very easily. I add white vinegar to a spray bottle and dilute it with water. I have no measurements but if I were to guess I probably add 1/2- 1 cup of vinegar (though 1 cup seems like too much) and then fill the rest of the bottle with water. I use that bottle to clean just about everything in my house, including my fruits and veggies. When washing produce with it, just be sure to rinse the food well. I added a couple drops of lemon oil to the spray bottle. I also clean my floors with water and vinegar. The house smelled so good after I mopped my floors with the lemon oil in my hot water.

Another product I love is the Stress Away Roll On. My son and I have used it when we complete his homework together. Homework time is usually the bane of any parent’s existence but the stress away helps us out a lot! I had a stressful week last week and was just getting flat out crabby. I diffused the Joy blend and felt a lot happier! It sounds like a crock of crap, I know. I hear it from my husband. Haha. But I swear to you, it works. Oils have been used for way longer than we have been alive. I have heard countless stories of people no longer needing medicine because they are using oils. Of course, the FDA is all over any statement made about oils so I need to tell you that I am in no way stating oils can cure anything. Use your common sense here. Do your own research. However, if oils are going to keep my family healthy and away from medicine, I am willing to try them.

Two oils that I LOVE are thieves and purification. I panicked the other day because I realized I am almost out of thieves. Both of these oils are germ busters. When I first diffused thieves, I immediately wanted to immerse my whole house in that smell. It has a spicy clove smell and it is glorious. I have put both of these oils on my kids’ feet with some coconut oil. My little guy will let me use oils closer to his chest and neck but my oldest is sensitive to smells so I keep the oils on his feet. When the kids get home from school, I like to have thieves in the diffuser to kill any airborne germs (and to make my house smell good). Anytime my boys start to sniffle or cough, I am busting out the oils.

I could go on and on about what oils I love but I will share one more way I have used them recently. My husband suffers from frequent migraines so I have been finding ways to use oils for headaches. I tried this recipe for a headache balm. Note, I used sweet almond oil in place of the shea nut oil because it is what I could find at a local store that sells oils and supplies to make your own products. Next time I make it I will most likely add a bit more peppermint. I want it to tingle a bit more when you add it to your skin. However, the blend of eucalyptus, peppermint and lavender is lovely. I added those oils to my diffuser and it is very soothing. It smells like a spa when you diffuse them together. The balm itself is nice but I think I will add more oil and less beeswax next time so the balm is a little softer.


Did you drink the kool aid yet? Do you use oils? Love them? Have any fun recipes for us to try? I want to hear from you if you do!


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