Do you even work out?

Stacy and I were joking recently about how we have not really blogged about our training in a while. However, you do seem to enjoy the healthy living posts such as the recipes and our adventures with essential oils. FitFemmes is definitely a blog that will provide you with a well rounded view on living a healthy lifestyle. That lifestyle encompasses many aspects of life, not just work outs.

I will start by giving you an update on my injury. I am in month three of my treatment for the tear in my elbow. Life has been rough- not going to lie. Because my hip freaked out right before Christmas, I was put on very restricted movements for the lower body. I am already very restricted with upper body so what is a little meat head to do? Go crazy. That is exactly what she does. The gym is my sanity, my therapy. Take it all away and I become stressed and crabby. I got very bored and frustrated at the gym. I would often not go because I didn’t see the point. I got tired of this routine. My hip was feeling more than fine so I kinda freaked out on my chiro. I was absolutely done with anything that had to do with his treatment. Yes, totally dumb because I still have this tear. I HAVE to do something to heal it completely. My little outburst earned me use of my legs in the gym again. He said he was about to give me my legs back anyways since the pain was consistently gone. I can go back to what I was doing before the hip freak out but I can’t go full force. If I lift, I have to stay light. If I run, I can’t run at 100% effort. I still feel frustrated and very broken (so very tired of not using my upper body completely) but at least I can do something fun again!

Healing an injury is hard, people. It is not fun. I keep thinking surgery would have been easier. In the long run, this way is better. I know. I am tired of not lifting. I am jealous of my friends that do get to lift. I miss my bootcamp class. Working out with the same group of ladies for two years has made the gym fun. We encourage each other and have an easy camaraderie. I feel completely out of the loop now that I can’t work out with them anymore. Wah. I am starting to feel sorry for myself again.

Our trainer gives us work outs to complete for the week. We are free to do them on our own time. I have not been doing them since I really couldn’t do anything. However, I was able to start doing the homework again last week! I have to modify the majority of the exercises because of my arm. Oh! I did forget to mention that I CAN hold a weight in my bad arm now! We have moved to the point of my treatment where I am using my arm. My chiro is having me plank (Complete torture. I HATE planks.) and do a couple of other exercises with a therapy band. I can’t move my arm at all with the weight but I can hold it and have some resistance. Here is my modified homework from last week. Try it out if your gym has the equipment! Or be creative and think of your own modifications!

  • .31 mile run (this should be done as a sprint)
  • 5 snatches with a dumbbell (I used only my left arm. If you know how to snatch, obviously do 5 on each side. If you do not know how to snatch, replace with another exercise.)
  • 5 box jumps
  • 10 reverse weighted lunges (5 on each leg. Hold dumbbells in each hand)
  • 10 bosu roll ups (the best video I could find- just ignore the kick and punch or go for it)
  • Do ALL of that for 10 rounds. Yes, 10.

Have any of you out there struggled with a significant injury like me? Have you ever gotten so completely frustrated with your training? What did you do to switch your focus? I am still circling in the frustration but slowly trying to pull myself out of it. I would love to hear from you if you have any insight! And I definitely want to hear from you if you try my homework! How did you do?!


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