Playing “Catch Up”

Happy hump day! I realized in looking over the past two months of blog posts that I really haven’t talked about workouts much lately. I guess that might be kind of bad, huh? The reality of it is that I am not training for anything specific, and that leaves me in a different sort of mindset. I assure you that I am still working out five days a week, there just hasn’t been anything all that exciting to talk about!

The Dopey Challenge was very stressful and physically exhausting. I took and easy week (or two) after that and somewhere along the line decided that I am not going to train for any distance events in the near future. I absolutely will do them again (I am confident I still have a marathon PR left in me with proper training), but needed a mental and physical break from crazy long miles.

Yeah, this is kinda how I felt about long miles after Dopey...

Yeah, this is kinda how I felt about long miles after Dopey…

You may remember that I recently wrote about taking more rest days. I am in boot camp three days a week and lift in small group training a fourth day. In addition to all of that, I think we have mentioned that we also get an extra day of “homework” from boot camp.  Sometimes this includes running, sometimes it doesn’t. This leaves me very little extra time which means training for distance would mean multiple two-a-days unless I gave something else up. I have done the two-a-day thing, but am choosing not to right now. That said, I was just telling Missy that I think I will choose a late spring or early summer 10K to train for just so that I have some kind of race on my calendar. I feel somewhat lost without one! For the past 3-4 years my race calendar has been packed. On one level I am embracing the break, but on another level I am having to self-motivate a little bit more in my workouts which can be tough.

I feel like the last few weeks I have hit the winter blues and have had to force myself to get out the door to the gym a little more than usual. (Yes, it even happens to those of us that love working out once in awhile!) It’s times like this that I am extremely grateful to be working out in a group setting where we all know each other pretty well. It is nice to know that I can’t just “fall off the face of the earth” before I start getting called out for it. I am hoping that better weather will equal better mood and more motivation. We are supposed to see the 50’s next week – heat wave for Chicago in early March!

Probably the most exciting thing going on this week is that Missy and I are taking a road trip this weekend to the Arnold Sports Festival in Ohio. Last year we saw a lot of people posting about this on social media and it looked amazing. When Missy mentioned wanting to go a couple months ago it did not take much convincing on my part! If you aren’t familiar with the event, it is a massive event with competitions for just about every sport you could imagine from equestrian and archery to various lifting events and strongman stuff (You can guess which ones of those we plan to be hanging out at I’m sure…). As if that is not exciting enough, there is an expo with over 365 exhibitors! What could be better than seeing some of the top athletes in the world and shopping fitness vendors? I’m sure we will be posting about our experience in the near future.

Are YOU training for anything exciting right now? Tell me what your “goal race” is so I can live vicariously through you! :) Do you find it harder to get out the door in the winter?



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  1. Hey! So my Paris Marathon is coming up in a month! AHHH! Before my race schedule lined up I was feeling a bit lost. I like the structure of a training plan and really feel lost without it!

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