Distant Light At The End Of The Tunnel….I Think

Like Stacy did yesterday, I had planned on giving you a quick update on what has been going on these days. My life has been crazy town. The winter viruses hit my boys hard these past three weeks. I have been shut inside my house taking care of them, trying to stay well myself and cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning. I am exhausted. Stacy mentioned yesterday that we are traveling to the Arnold this week end and I am so excited for the mini break. I may opt to sleep the entire time! Just kidding, I cannot wait for what I am calling muscle heaven!

Since my boys have been playing the tag team game on getting sick, I have not been able to go to the gym. I have plenty of equipment at home to do work outs but I didn’t do anything. Once they were in bed for the night, my bootie was on the couch. Taking care of sick kids is so exhausting! I managed to get out a couple times to train so I didn’t go completely crazy. I have been very frustrated with my injury recovery. If you have not kept up with it or are new to our site, I have a partial tear in my right elbow. I have been in  therapy with my chiro for five months. Five months of significantly limiting my gym routine. I handled the first couple of months really well. However, I overused my lower body and my hip freaked out right before Christmas. I have been given the freedom to use my lower body again (after freaking out on my chiro that I needed something to do) but I am not maxing out on weight or running at 100% effort. Being away from the gym these past three weeks came at a convenient time since I am still so limited. But here is the thing: I am tired of being limited. I am tired of not being able to do what I want to do for my training. I am tired of not lifting heavy. I am tired of not having the bar in my hands. I am tired of working out alone.

Since my activity decreased significantly these past few months, my body has changed slightly. It might not be obvious to my friends but it is obvious to me. I have gained a few pounds but I am not too worried about that number. I am more disappointed about my body fat percentage going up 5-6%. Ugh. Is it a huge deal? Not really. Am I being vain? I guess so. I am quick to admit that I love ripped muscles. My body fat going up (with really only gaining maybe 4-5lbs) means that I have lost muscle. I worked hard to gain that muscle! I want it back! I could get my body fat down lower by watching my food. I could be super strict about eating only clean foods but I have not been doing that. I am a stress eater. Don’t get me wrong, I am still eating fairly clean because that is how I enjoy eating. I have just been quick to treat myself more often than I am used to doing so because I am bored and frustrated. However, I have finally recently snapped out of that bad habit because spring break (and a swim suit) is happening in less than a month. More importantly, I realized that I need to practice what I preach about moderation a bit more than what I have been doing lately. I still believe in treating yourself but my treats are not happening as frequently anymore.

This week my chiro said as long as things are going as well as they have been, I may be able to use weights on my bad side in a month! I see a faint light at the end of the tunnel! It is a really distant light but it is there. THANK GOODNESS. This injury stuff is terrible. I am over it.


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